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Thursday, 29 November 2012

Arrest No 4 - The Punk by Keith

 I have always liked this little series of pictures by the artist, Keith, for reasons which I explain below. Fragments of it have long circulated amongst internet art groups, usually as small, indistinct images. I've have always wanted to 'restore' them so that they are easier on the eye and was finally prompted to do so when I discovered a number of frames which were previously unknown to me and which filled in major elements of the story line. These images are the result.

The story concerns a 'punk' named Darryl. Darryl is one of Keith's stock characters. In the UK, 'punk' refers simply to those who follow rebellious, punk rock fashions, like the blue mohican Darryl is sporting here. In the US it has much wider 'bad boy' connotations, which I only dimly grasp, but I think the situation here is clear. The detailing of the bottle is nice, don't ask me what the orange liquid is! 

My 'restoration' work on these pictures is limited in the main to enlargement of the image and penciling over the figure outlines and dialogue boxes to make them sharper and clearer. This removes some of the original subtlety in a few places where Keith where used different colours to delineate a boundary instead of a hard outline (e.g. Darryl's pecs) but I have tried to use restraint and I think it does achieve better clarity. In this picture I also enhanced background colours a little where the boundaries seemed indistinct. The writing on the sign shows the 'faded' look I started with.

This picture shows the main reason why I like the series so much, the cop dressed in oh-so-short shorts which reveal muscular, hairy thighs. Indeed, Darryl's sighting of them seems to have prompted an instant orgasm. The circular badge on the cop's shorts (a sexy detail) appears to say MAD Patrol but I don't know what that refers to, apart from the obvious pun. I was tempted to remove the strangely canted house in the background but decided to respect the original intent.

There's a nice sense of struggle here, mainly provided by the cop. Readers will know from previous posts that I like the 'click-click' moment where the handcuffs give the cop control over the arrestee. The fact that Darryl is now nude, his yellow underwear/swimwear trampled underfoot, makes it all the more sexy. The punk's exaggerated feet will also delight enthusiasts of that fetish. The detailing of the toes, slightly baby-like, truly captures their essential appeal. Darryl's protest is suitably insulting (shorty) but the 'storm trooper' bit doesn't seem derogatory enough to me. I like the cop's reponse, it might sound punchier if 'crack' was substituted for 'ass' or is 'wax' a pun on 'whacks'?

  In picture 3, I fiddled with the shading on Darryl's six pack since the original detail was very faint.


Darryl is cuffed and made to grovel, while the arresting Officer examines his discarded swimsuit like a sniffer dog. One suspects that the baton casually angled towards Darryl's rear may also be involved in the cavity search. From this angle, the earlier threat to wax his ass appears to be not entirely without merit! A second Officer looks on, leaning casually on the police car at a somewhat improbable angle, but he looks very handsome in his sun-glasses and slightly menacing. It's a nice study. There's almost two pictures in one here with a slight discontinuity in perspectives between foreground and background (there's a similar effect in picture 2)

 I think this must be the quintessential 'short shorts' picture. We get a splendid rear view showing buns tightly cupped and divided by the centre seam and in the background, a front view with lump, highlighted by creasing lines and the fly seam diving into the groin. The turn ups on the legs are a great touch emphasising the cop's meaty thighs.

Back at the station the inevitable occurs as Officer 'Rocky' delivers his ultimatum and, anticipating a positive response, begins to shrug off his shirt. Officer Jones produces his own baton. This is a centrepiece drawing of the set but is not entirely successful, Darryl's starting to look a little musclebound and Rocky's strip act isn't quite right, but I like the way the underside of his thighs catch on the edge of the desk.

I really struggled with clarifying this picture, the original was very faded and blurry and Keith, the artist, relied a lot on just colours to create boundaries and shading. My addition of hard lines looks heavy handed in places but I say in my defence that the bright orange and brown background colours on the scan I'm working from needed to be contained and pushed back. I added quite a lot of over-shading on the bodies to show the musculature and restored some hair on Rocky's body which was very faint. Apologies to the artist!

The truncated series that circulates amongst fetish art groups normally ends here. The pictures which follow were provided to me by fellow collectors after I appealed for more information about 'Keith' and this set. These images have less fetish content, uniforms are shed and sex rears it's head, but they are not entirely devoid of fetish interest.  


 Jones' elegant figure and the shorts pushed down round his thighs are highlights of this picture as the sexual scene gets going. Despite all the waving of batons by the Officers, they seem to refrain from striking their victim.

 Happily, the participants seem to have regained their original appearance in this picture, continuity is something of a burden for hand artists, but faces are crucial for identification, particularly when there are no clothes to help out.

In this group of images I did little more than enlarge and pick out outlines. The square screen which cuts across Officer Jones' six pack is a distortion caused by the original scan and would probably be better removed altogether but that was further than I wanted to go in this exercise. 


Darryl's humiliation continues, but he is obviously not the first to fall victim to Rocky and Jones. The pixilation of Rocky's body hair completely defeated me here, this could only be remedied by a major alteration -  erasure and re-drawing.


Officer Jones gets another nice treatment by the artist here, he shows a handsome foot. Darryl's stretched mouthful is well captured too. There are more pixilation problems for Rocky (face and body hair). He has become noticeably the less dominant of the two cops in this sequence. 

 Two more cops spot what Jones and Rocky are up to and eagerly start undressing in the corridor outside. We get a final glimpse of the cop's uniforms and move into gang bang territory. The original air of vindictive menace has now, sadly, almost entirely disappeared. Nevertheless Darryl's ass, dripping with cum is a sexy highlight - plus more cute feet. This is another of Keith's 'split' images with some curious exaggerated perspectives.
 A moment of pure slapstick just in case you doubted the gravity of the situation!  But I'm not sure that it's a good idea to depict this mishap in the midst of a parade of racial stereotypes that is so politically correct that it's incorrect! Darryls cum covered body is still the erotic centrepiece of the picture. His powerful ass jet must be unique in erotic art. Is this cum or piss?

I freely admit that orgies are not my thing, unsatisfying whether as fantasy or reality. In this situation it's hard for a graphic artist to outdo modern photography, but Keith's inset panel showing a double penetration probably is pretty good, exploiting the artist's freedom to defy the laws of physics. The task of visually disentangling bodies in this scrummage is not easy and there are some strange things going on in the vicinity of Darryl's ass which I couldn't work out, nor the cock emerging from his thigh area. I do like the lines of Choi's body (left foreground) showing clean, sensuous curves.


Another 'dual' picture, which is a neat way of summarising an orgy. Rocky and Jones have paired off and left Darryl to the new arrivals. We discover Choi has a nice line in sleazy dialogue (and him such a young lad too!) but as for Luna's contibution - suck my dick - oh dear! Once again here, it's the figure of Darryl that seems to have had the lion's share of the artists attention.


 The foreground trio make a decent rough sex image, with an enjoyable conjunction of orgasms. I like the idea that Luna produces so much forceful cum that it sprays back out - that's funny and sexy. Rocky and Jones at the back have been drawn in antique, Kama Sutra style - explanatory rather than realistic so they don't seem to fit. You may not spot it at first but Choi on the left is holding Rocky's foot - presumably to lick it, continuing the foot fetish ingredient that recurs throughout this series.


The boys produce a glorious mess which Darryl wallows in. You can form your own opinions about the nature of the fluids flying around in this picture. The sprays seem to have the gloopy appearance of cum but there are large pools of yellow liquid on the floor (which I have gently highlighted, since the outlines were very indistinct). The original scanning process seems to have cropped important detail top left - as well as the artist's signature.


It turns out the whole thing was a set-up. Darryl is reunited with his swimwear - a nice detail. This ending is a bit disappointing for fetishists like me, but it's geared for publication in a magazine for general consumption of course, so we can't grumble about that, I suppose. The dialogue is a bit naff, the cop talks like a hairdresser who's just finished a pensioner's weekly perm!

My restoration effort on this picture revealed the yellow shorts in the officer's hand, it looked (to me at any rate) like a towel or rag before. The cop appears to be putting his wallet back into his pocket as though he has just paid Darryl - or perhaps it's just his pager.


The images that I was originally missing from this series turned out to be less exciting than I had hoped but I am very glad to have found out more about the talented 'Keith'.  My 'restoration' exercise was fun for me and revealed elements in the pictures which I had previously missed. I hope it has made the work more accessible for others as well and that Keith will forgive me for messing around with his work, at least I have restored his name to the pictures.

Keith's work is hard to find on the web, he has two blogs 'KeithKatsIV' at tumblr and blogspot , they contain some examples of his work, but you need to search. There are recent postings about him with pix at GMBA2 as well (link in sidebar).

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