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(Feb 18th 2018)

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Royale Studio No18 - The Scout part 2


In this rear view, the model looks more youthful, with an attractive kiss curl detached from his fashionable quiff, in the style of James Dean. From behind, the tight clothing works on a slightly more subtle level as he appears to be assessing whether it makes him look more sexy. There's a sense here of an adult recapturing the thrill of adolescence and of schoolboy memories of desire for sexy, older boys.

The tight fit of the clothes in these pictures is not just down to a man wearing boy's clothing, the whole outfit has been completely re-tailored to achieve this effect. The sleeves and legs have been shortened of course, but the seams of both shirt and shorts have also been taken in. This has produced the non-standard 'wasp waist' on the shirt and shows even more obviously in the unusually prominent, rear trouser seam. Alterations to produce a sexier fit on the model were the norm at Royale Studio, the sewing machine must have been red hot at times! You can see too that it's been immaculately ironed.

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