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(Feb 18th 2018)

Monday, 22 October 2012

Royale Studio 18 - The Scout

In the last couple of posts I made a link between Boy Scout imagery and the famous Royale Studios that produced military erotica in the 1950's. In fact Royale used the Scouting theme on more than one occasion. The normal age of Scouts puts them well out of bounds for the purposes of erotica and rightly so. Fortunately, Royale used models for their Scout series who were indisputably adult and the one in the set below is not remotely boyish. 


I only have 4 pictures from this set but I imagine there were probably more. The Scout shirt and accessories from the waist upwards look absolutely genuine but it's hard to tell if the shorts are. Royale always strove for authenticity in it's uniforms but the effect is marred here by the socks which would not be rolled right down to the ankle but would be worn long and turned down just below the knee, like rugby socks. I'm not sure about the beret in his hand, bush hat headgear with a pointed, tent-shaped crown was often worn by Scouts in the UK.

In the jokey fashion of the day, the model is depicted as being bewildered at having to wear this unusual outfit. These days fashion models will wear any ridiculous clothing on the catwalk, but in the Royale era 'men were men' and to be asked to dress as a mere boy would be pretty demeaning. Having put the clothes on, the manly bulge revealed in his shorts would be equally disturbing. We can assume this man has shed such inhibitions, but the Royale liked to play with the idea of the photographer's power over his model, knowing it would tittilate more conservative viewers.

Bulges in pants were not unusual, Scott studios were also notable exponents, but this one is particularly explicit in shape. It hardly counts as 'hidden eroticism' but a close inspection of the shadowing reveals just a hint of cockhead.

To be continued.................
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