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(Feb 18th 2018)

Friday, 4 May 2012

Chaz 2 - Not So Dodgy

 In my last post I mercilessly poked fun at the way Chaz is presented in some of his beefcake shoots for Randy Blue. Of course, in true tabloid style, I chose the most suitable images to create humourous effect. Today's selection, taken from the same sets show a different side and I must admit I find it fascinating how this man's masculinity and his inner boyishness asserts itself in his pictures despite the distractions of odd clothing, accessories and other stuff.

Chaz gets away with his beany here. Purists might quibble about mixing leather with wool but we'll let that go. Lets face it, leather headgear is a bit of a stones and greenhouses situation! This is a nice 'blokey' pose and the T-shirt shows off wide, manly shoulders. I'm a big fan of chaps and Chaz deserves credit for wearing a pair that actually look as though they fit him. The slender strap squeezing down between his butt cheeks is great!

See what I mean about boyishness? He's not a baby any more though and those chunky thighs emerging from their snug leather sleeves look excellent. It's what chaps are for!

Chaz's pecs show real meaty bulk in this picture from the pool series and smooth, well defined abs as well. The sleeveless tank top is unobtrusive now and I confess to a fascination with the oversize underwear which I presume has stretched out with the wetness.

Also from the pool series. The open-ness of the pose is like a ropeless bondage picture. 
The white deposits on the pool edge have been used by the photographer
 to add spicy innuendo for us pervs!

Chaz looks so much better when he just relaxes. I love his sticky-out ears, despite the stud, although I think it probably accentuates them, which Chaz I imagine would hate! The clothing requires no cultural translation to do it's job here, the immaculate newness will work for some but a grungier well-used jockstrap would have provided an interesting contrast.

The boy within the man comes out to play. 
This is a really nice picture, relaxed and cheekily erotic.
 Even if you're not a socks fan they contribute a touch of informality and spontenaity. 
I have to admit defeat with this sheer top but it does make his biceps look great!
I like the wide strong neck too. 

The boy surfaces again in this shot, there's some nice youthful shaping but I'm not sure what's going on with that ballustrade support visible between his legs!

Next time, an even spunkier Chaz.

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