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(Feb 18th 2018)

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Olive Patterns

Camouflage Underwear
I must say I do wonder about the logic of putting camouflage pattern on underpants. As you can see here, it renders the contents pretty much invisible - just as you would expect. Even the wearer seems perplexed about it - unless he's simply wondering where the rest of the uniform went. The intense colour emphasises the curves of the garment round his body. It also draws the eye in to the functional ribbing making him look inappropriately dressed - sexy! At the same time the earthy tone plays to his skin colour and body hair accentuating his masculinity.

Daisy Pattern Underwear
The second image is less overtly sexual in intent but it's arguably more effective. It shows a completely different type of man wearing a frivolous daisy pattern brief. It has no military overtones or butch associations. But the effect of the colour is the same, attracting the eye and flattering the model's bulk and curves. It seems to work particularly well on smooth fitting fabric like this, making you want to linger and touch him.

Cheeky Underwear
The final picture isn't a pattern (and not quite olive either) but I just wanted to post these fabulous cheeky curves! I know it's a fashion colour but the diabolical brown vest seems to demonstrate quite conclusively that earthy tones are not intrinsicaly sexy. However, I give the photographer 10 out of 10 for pairing the V-shape of the model's hairline with the hemline on his underpants. If he'd ditched the vest and used true olive briefs this picture would have been so sweet.

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