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(Feb 18th 2018)

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Guys in Uniform Studio No 12

Changing Shorts

Guys in Uniform Studio - Runner

This group of pictures from the 'Guys In Uniform' Studio features the same model as my last post on GIU, No 11 Military Intimidation in which he threatens a dejected athlete. This time he's in rather nice athletic shorts that reveal a good deal of detail of what lies within. I don't know if this is the Royale wet fabric trick again, but it works for me!

Trying to sequence these vintage pictures by reference to clothing is often quite futile as the photographer clearly tried out various clothing combinations and undress sequences. Here the model has removed shorts and one legs-worth of shoe and sock. The bare foot in this picture is an angular treat in the Etienne mould.

On the left, he is apparently removing shorts, or perhaps underwear, but this time with no shoes or socks on at all. Another interesting foot shot. There's a tantalising glipse of cock in the shadows. On the right, we see him removing what looks like a jockstrap, again with no footwear on. It's a bit frustrating for lovers of orderly strip sequences but the photographer must have had fun directing proceedings.

Here he is donning a pair of 50's style soccer shorts and little dick comes out into the open, flaccid, of course - and cut which is not particularly common in the UK. Around this time there was much pushing of boundaries regarding frontal nudity, for Guys In Uniform it was all in vain.

In the final picture our hero wriggles into a football/rugby style shirt with hoops and button up neck. Not very alluring visually, despite the hitched up leg hems and subtle bulge. Modern day sporting gear is rather more flattering, but the attraction of gays to sportsmen then was equally potent.

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