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(Feb 18th 2018)

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Men Sharing Clothes 8 - Brothers in Underwear

In previous items in this series I played with the idea of models unwittingly or knowingly sharing clothes worn by another man. This group from Captured Guys gets 2 brothers, Hunter and Zack, to pose in the same underwear for bondage and then spanking.

Hunter gets to go first. The Hanes briefs don't seem to be a very good fit, maybe they belong to his brother, which would explain why he looks so unhappy wearing them. Sisters are noted for swapping clothes, but not brothers. Not like this. Fortunately, once he's bent over the looseness in the pants disappears and he is about to be given other things to think about. In fact, I think he is already thinking about it!

Hunter spanked at 'Captured Guys'

Now brother Zack gets put his privates into the pouch warmed by his brother's gear - and by the spanker's hand behind of course.

He seems quite resigned to his fate, but let's face it, that tape gag means business. Underneath his mouth is wide open and stuffed with something you'd rather not have in there. Still, at least it's not his brother's pants.

Zack spanked at 'Captured Guys'

The boy's are sharing the same spanker's hand as well!

Finally here are the two boys presenting their results so we can compare them. They seem to have got off quite lightly this time.
Two for the family album.

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