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(Feb 18th 2018)

Monday, 31 October 2011

Royale Studios 17 - The Soldier-Sailor Set (FJSS) - 3

In picture 7, both men wearing tops and this is as fully dressed as they get. It's worth pointing out that while this set appears to show men getting dressed, the purchaser of the individual prints had the option of viewing these pictures in reverse sequence, so the men start fully clothed and gradually loose clothes with progressively more sexual innuedo until they end up naked.

Royale Studios - Soldier-Sailor - 7

Here there's some sort of conversation going on. The subject becomes clear as the pictures progress but it's clear there is a degree of reluctance on the sailors part - which is always good for erotic tension!

The soldier's battledress top was a style that ended at the waist (like a bomber jacket) and so always had the erotic potential to be worn without the normal accompanyment of full length, somewhat baggy trousers of the same material. His shorts in these pictures, hitched up to give full exposure to Fred Collin's thighs, would have looked startlingly like underwear, producing more of an erotic frisson then than they do today.

The sailor looks pretty smart in his full uniform (if we overlook the trouser creasing of course!) Royale would have made it themselves. It's reasonably authentic although the black collar ribbon (in memory of Nelson) looks too broad. The British Naval cap is another tricky style of headgear (erotically speaking) but always looks cute tilted forward like this. As you can see, the jumper-style top ends just above the crotch and frames beautifully the undulations in that area! I've never liked the practice of wearing the belt over the jumper but it is militarily a correct way to dress.

Royale Studios - Soldier-Sailor - 8

The sailor now begins to undress again revealing his attractive backside to us as he does so. The mirror reflection (possibly assisted by the hazy reproduction) is nicely erotic showing a well proportioned body and attractive face rounded off with a glimpse of flesh and interesting bulges. Fred seems a bit of a spare part in this and looks a bit awkward. The jolly grin is meant to reassure censors that there's no funny business going on. But it's no accident that he is placed so close to the sailors reflection, their legs almost appearing to touch or interlock. Or that the sailor in the reflected image appears to be admiring Fred's rear and becoming aroused by it.

Royale Studios - Soldier-Sailor - 9

Picture 9 is print quality and gives us much the same scene as 8 with a slightly different view of the sailor's midriff and well padded groin area. You can see the front flap clearly here and the curious disappearing belt.

Seen with the addition of the battledress top, Fred's shorts have now taken on something of the appearance of those worn by schoolboys or scouts. Men dressing as Scouts is the subject of other Royale sets, a tricky theme these days but not then. Other than Fred's admiring look and his proximity to the reflection, there was little to disturb the genteel here.

This image is meant to suggest that the Sailor has difficulty removing his top (possibly because it is wet, although Royale pictures usually play down the attractions of the upper body) It is setting the scene for No 10 where Fred gallantly steps in and gives him assistance, providing us with an excellent view of his thighs in the process.

Royale Studios - Soldier-Sailor - 10

The erotic significance of the sailors bent over pose needs no explanation but you should also notice which part of Fred's body he is bending his head towards, it looks almost as if Fred is pushing up to meet it. The sailors hands placed on Fred's waist are intimate in their own way but again this produces a suggestive shadow - and is that balls I see?

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