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Monday, 7 March 2022

101 Uses for a Belt - No 7, Hobbling Feet

Keeping your captives on their toes is always sensible in a metaphorical sense. 
As a practical exercise it is also a handy way of maintaining their calf muscles.  
For special occasions it makes a memorable reprimand of adjustable length.
Hobbling, combined with semi-suspension also makes a compact, storage method,
with no risk of falling over or flailing legs! 

This is another picture whose simplicity and implied stress I just love.
Feet can be surprisingly expressive!

The man in control, smugly taking a picture of the captive for posterity (and Instagram I suppose) looks suitably unprepossessing and seedy. This is probably not the sort of opportunity which normally comes his way. It looks like he has stripped his acquisition naked and what we can see suggests he has a decent figure. The unconventional brown straps he has used to detain his victim hint at unusual interests or plain improvisation. They all look very new. 

What has this man gotten himself into? 


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