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Sunday, 31 October 2021

The Art of Roa 5 - Jamie & Kayle

Roa - Jamie Undergoing Testing

Roa's 'Jamie' is a superhero who gets himself captured by villains and naturally they want to find out what makes him tick. This leads to a series of 'Lab Rat' medical images of which this is the best. It's a highly erotic image that must rank amongst the best of this genre with the understated anal plug seemingly controlling the helplessly spread-eagled Jamie. The uniformed character conducting the physicals is a little odd but the rest of the lab crew have a marvellous authenticity.

Jamie is another tricky character for me with age and gender ambiguities that I don't want to feature at mitchmen. This rules out a number of pictures in which Jamie is captured and subjected to imaginative torments but luckily there are other excellent images that don't have this problem.

Roa - Jamie Spread-eagled and probed

The investigation of Jamie's superhero orifices continues with him tightly strapped down on an X-cross platform while his testicles are tantalised by electro impulses. The technicians have splendid air of professional detachment, the nearer assistant even appears to be doodling on his instructions. We can only assume that they have somehow nullified Jamie's super-powers.

I love the use of yellow for the equipment in these scenes, it's a colour associated with construction activity rather than medical facilities or labs which we expect to be white or silver. It seems to give the proceedings a touch of mechanical crudeness.

Roa - Kayle To The Rescue

Help is at hand for the beleaguered Jamie in the shape of his friend Kayle (no relation to the Greens). This nicely atmospheric scene shows him having infiltrated the heavily-patrolled premises in his Special Forces style of combat suit. It adds impressive bulk to his physique and the heavy texturing is erotic for latex specialists. It probably incorporates lots of technological features of value for secret missions, but I'm not sure what his vision aid does! 
The conventional military attire of the guards is suitably flattering to them. It suggests this place has government sponsorship rather than being simple the work of well-organised criminals, which earlier images in the series imply.
The cropping of this picture tells me that Roa is not a bottom fancier!

Roa - Kayle Captured

Kayle succeeds in finding Jamie but before he can free him he is surprised and captured himself by the patrolling soldiers. Here Kayle kneels submissively and his facial expression captures that sense of being annoyed with himself for making the mistake. This scene is nicely constructed with the reinforcements seen hurrying in at the back adding a sense of deepening crisis for him. It gives his situation a mild erotic edge, but his black kit gives nothing away in that department.

Roa - Kayle In Captivity

That doesn't matter too much because Kayle is soon stripped and his combat suit taken away for examination. He is revealed to be wearing some fairly average underwear (all good for a wholesome manly image) and displays a good physique with bigger than average nipples. The restraints he's been clapped in force him to kneel and the room with it's tiled floor looks suspiciously like a toilet. That sparks imaginings of dirty deeds by the soldiers passing through (so to speak). He looks as if he might already have thought of that himself.


Roa - Kayle Under Examination

 Soon enough Kayle is transferred to a lab (sound-proofed, note) where he is secured in the embrace of a robotic device with the capability to position him in any pose his captors might desire, or it may be that extreme manipulation of his limbs is it's very purpose. The collar which half encircles his neck seems poised to deliver further unpleasantness. There's some heavy duty equipment in the background which bodes ill for Kayle, the 'JCB yellow' sparking fearful possibilities of rough treatment. Next to this weighty mechanical threat, the tether of rope seems highly incongruous but I suppose something had to be done with that erection! This looks like a detail of a larger image which might supply the answer to that puzzle.
 Read this series from Part 1
Roa seemed to just vanish a few years back, I can't find him anywhere on the net including pixiv and Patreon. Roanovel on Deviant Art is still there but empty apart from some interesting pieces by other artists, his Tumblr site referenced on the pictures is gone. 
There's a small gallery at Daddyshere which has a few images not included in these mitchmen posts
If you know more about Roa's whereabouts please leave a comment.

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