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Sunday, 25 July 2021

Beautifully Bound - The Look of Betrayal

All the boys in the gang borrowed money from their leader Nico. They were under no illusions about how nasty he could be if it wasn't paid back on time, but it was common knowledge that he would usually accept payment 'in kind'. The sexual kind. With kinks. That didn't faze the boys, they were tough and streetwise and took rough treatment in their stride. Nico might be a harsh master but he looked after them, he protected them from the police and rival gangs.

So when Lucio went to pay his debts, empty handed as usual, he submitted without complaint to the ritual humiliation of being taken into Nico's damp cellar, stripped of all his clothes (another fine jacket ruined but you didn't come to these appointments dressed in rags) and then tied up with rope. He knew that what would follow wouldn't be pleasant and he would probably be out of action for a few days, nursing bruises and violated orifices, but he would be able to stop worrying about the money he owed. It was a large sum this time, well into four figures, the most he'd ever owed. Nico was angrier than he'd ever seen him before and it had been a huge relief when he had started unbuttoning Lucio's shirt, sliding a hand inside and nuzzling his neck, gently chiding him for his weakness for gambling. "What am I to do with you, Lucio?" he said (like he always did) and Lucio hung his head in shame (like he always did) and submitted to his usual fate.

The punishment would be harsher than usual, he knew that and he wasn't disappointed. In his anxiety to get it over with, he didn't notice that this time Nico used methods that left few marks, nor that the refrain of "What am I to do with you, Lucio?" continued well into the session which was one far longer, far more varied and humiliating than he had ever suffered before.

Lucio bore it all like the tough guy he was, but his stoicism was sorely tested when Nico took him upstairs and drew him into his bed for the sexual denouement. Sex was expected, yes, but chained to a wall or tied over as bench, not in the soft sheets and opulent surroundings of Nico's inner sanctum. That had never happened before to him, nor anyone else in the gang, to his knowledge - though which of them would want to admit to it, even if it had? Nico's gentleness evolved into  animal passion between the crisp white sheets. He  devoured Lucio's helplessly bound body and that was much more testing than the manly appreciation he normally bestowed on them as he delivered his seed at the conclusion of their punishment. Lucio had never doubted Nico's love for him but it wasn't supposed to be like this and when Nico, finally sated, drifted off to sleep, Lucio lay awake for hours, fidgeting in the uncomfortable restraints and wondering what this all meant.

Well, that was last night but this morning, his torment had resumed in the cellar where it had left off. This time though it was as if both men were trying to expunge the memory of what had just happened between them, eagerly collaborating in a ritual cleansing until eventually Nico, plainly exhausted, had left him there, hog-tied, helpless and racked by pain on the bare stone floor. Finally then, Lucio slept.

He awoke to find Nico releasing his hog tie. He was coaxed into a standing position, arms still pinned to his sides. Lucio was trembling with fear now, as well he might, as Nico delivered his final verdict. This time Lucio's debts would not be forgiven, but by a happy chance the amount owed was very close to the going rate for ginger slaves, so he was being sent to the auction where he might even realise a modest extra profit for Nico, if the right buyers were alerted. Nico's parting words were coldly cruel.

Lucio felt betrayed. This wasn't how these punishments were supposed to end. He belonged to Nico! What about last night? Did that mean nothing? Then he realised the truth. That was it. Nico loved him too much. Suddenly, feet grated on the cellar steps and he looked up. Two men stood there, faces hidden in shadow, but their buff-coloured uniforms confirmed what Nico had said. They began to descend and Nico pushed him, stumbling towards them. 

After they had gone, Nico wept.

Luke Riley is a captive of Nick Moretti

 This image is taken from the Bound Gods video Slicked Master and the Golden Boy (2009) which has a plot utterly different to my story!

Luke Riley's 'bad boy' looks earned him many appearances at Bound Gods on both sides of the S&M fence including the (for me) classic, 'Hicksville' where he kidnaps Phenix Saint, (a video which for some strange reason never made it into my mitchmen Tribute to Bound Gods). What is unexpected about this picture is how big he is, when standing next to Nick Moretti. Ideal material for the gang - and for the slave market then! Nick's suave, Italian, good looks create a more mysterious but equally intimidating presence which suits the mobster role I cast him in here.

This is 'The Look' No 24, for others click on the label below.

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