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Sunday 7 May 2017

Siproites Transformation Art - 1

 Just over two years ago I profiled the transformation art of Yomero which strikingly depicting white and latino men mysteriously transforming into blacks with all the stereotypical body changes you might expect from such a process. Siproites work also deals with transformations - not racial but gender, from men into women. This isn't a subject I'd normally think of covering here and you'll be relieved to know that I won't be showing large numbers of ladies in this article, but I confess I find the psychology intriguing and there will be some. But there's another reason for featuring this artist......

El Meyor Prevenir (The Best Precaution)
I find Siproites depiction of men very appealing and worthy of inclusion in this blog in it's own right. The sample above is a nice example from a comic strip promoting the use of condoms. In the story line the hunky stud on the left is shown getting ready for a night out. His reflection in the mirror keeps reminding him to take condoms with him but is ignored. Exasperated, he steps from the mirror and thrusts them into the foolish lad's hand. This is a different sort of transformation of course, not unlike the statue coming to life in Platter's art, Etienne also did it.

This conventional sketch of a man running shows Siproites skill with human anatomy. This is the first frame of a series in which he gradually transforms, first into a normal-looking woman and then into an extreme stereotype of womanhood with hourglass figure, flowing locks, luscious lips and (naturally) big boobs. It's a heterosexual man's idea of the ultimate woman and so exaggerated that for me it actually passes beyond being objectionable.

Woo Woo
Thankfully Siproites is equally adept at applying these exaggerations to the male figure and I love the combination of square-jawed stubble and rosy roundness in his face. This example hints at sexual ambiguity with the man's colourful costume.  He's meant to be a wrestler and in the preceding pictures is shown holding a typical over-sized Championship Belt. We see it here transforming into a bra which, by the end will be restraining melon-like breasts. During the process his tights split apart into panties and leggings and shrink to a very skimpy size. Bizarrely, the boots also transform into high heeled, dominatrix form.

Miss-ter Universe 1
Similar things happen here but as you see, the muscle man shrinks first (everywhere!) before the female parts of his new body begin to make themselves seen. 
This story takes place during a body-building competition. The conversion process is triggered by a fairy(!) who seeing the wonderful muscles on display, drops her wand which melts and begins to alter the hero from the feet up. Other bodybuilders in the vicinity are similarly affected but they are all seemingly unaware of the change.......

Miss-ter Universe 2
At least until the judges and audience begin to show their surprise, pleasure - and arousal at the unexpected display of voluptuous creatures posing before them. Hopefully I've prepared you for this picture! Personally I find this depiction of women so unreal that it doesn't trigger a negative reaction. In its extreme exaggeration you get a sense of the scale of the shock the men inside are experiencing, having become, not just women but the highly stylised female sex objects of their own fantasies. The public exposure here before an all male audience, heaps humiliation on their misfortune. Being part of a group, all equally affected, adds a curious twist of availability and vulnerability.

Pride Goeth....... (1)
 The title and captions on this piece flesh out the feeling that the transformations are seen as punishments by the artist which might suggest it's a woman's hand, but no, his name is Victor. 

Pride Goeth....... (2)
 His views of men's personalities, wedded to their 'junk', are as uncomplicated as his over-developed women. On other occasions, however, he does however put a good deal more thought into causations than this particular example, which shows a mysteriously vague magical effect.
Equally uncomplicated.....I love nice pecs in tight vests!

Pride Goeth....... (3)
Bewilderment and fear as a man senses his very essence changing. 
There's an S&M theme here but attaching it to gender and, dare I say, sexual orientation is very thought provoking.
Men's Room 1
 In Men's Room the subject's masculinity is enhanced by showing his muscles straining at his clothes and a virile moustache. This time we have a mysterious ray effect embedded in the urinal itself, at the very heart of a man's world! It brings about immediate penis shrinkage preparatory to transformation taking place. Siproites exploration of well-known male fears embellishes these pieces with a wry humour that's most enjoyable.

Men's Room 2
The transformation takes place in an empty toilet but as soon as it's finished other men arrive, including this dishy number. Finding a half naked woman in their space they naturally assume that service is called for (well I said it's uncomplicated). In erotic terms however this is the logical outcome of the body-builder scene as well, it's what sex objects are for. The female version here doesn't tie in very closely with the appearance of the original hunk which slightly undermines this highly significant moment where he experiences sex at the hands of another man. It's more obvious if you view the complete series however. Unexpectedly erotic

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