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Thursday, 11 May 2017

Siproites Transformation Art - 2

Siproites - One Bite of the Apple 02
This is an example where Siproites employs a well known magical device to initiate the transformation which gives the idea rather more substance, but the Disney-esque witch prevents it getting too serious. The ages of Siproites subjects varies but this youthful and naive muscle-hunk is an interesting one and it makes for interesting comparisons with the conventional version of the storyline.

Siproites - One Bite of the Apple 13
 He is not destined for years of sleep, however, to be awakened eventually by Prince Charming's kiss (although that storyline would not be without interest). Rather, there is a rapid transformation into a luscious sex siren. Notice how his boots have transformed into kinky knee length numbers and his jeans have shrunk into skimpy, ripped shorts. This particular victim seems relatively at ease in his new skin. Provocatively dressed, he seems to be throwing himself at another hunk who is happy to respond, not suspecting the true nature of his new friend. It's a comparatively romantic outcome compared with the explicitly sexual examples I used in part 1. You can also see this as a tale of 'coming out' in terms of both sexual orientation and gender identity. The unleashing of a voracious appetite for sexual intimacy is a not uncommon consequence. I imagine that bi-leaning men would find this highly erotic but I'd prefer to see a little more residual connection to the original male identity.

Siproites - Candiru 04
In this set of frames from 'Candiru', the artist explores a rather more scientific basis for the transformation phenomenon. He uses a parasitical fish that invades it's unsuspecting host and naturally it's by using a sexual passageway. This entry cleverly foreshadows the fate that awaits this particular part of this man's body - which is to be used for penetration post-transformation. Those of you who are tuned into sexual iconography will have already noted the proximity of well-endowed ethnic Africans and you can probably work out the rest.

'Candiru' is possibly Siproites master work amongst his publicly available pieces, having a tight, classic storyline. His unusual viewpoint breathes new life into sexual (and racial) stereotyping that is thought-provoking.
Siproites - Substitute Witch 9
 The Pizza delivery boy is standard fantasy fare, a younger and potentially more naive version of the tradesmen who routinely come into our homes to do their jobs (into our lairs you might say) and thus appear to present an opportunity for seduction and more. They rarely come in cute packages like this unfortunately (or perhaps those that do rapidly discover the pitfalls!). In these frames and the ones below Siproites deftly captures the young man's innocence and post-adolescent obsession with his own, still-growing body.
Siproites - Substitute Witch 11
He doesn't seem aware of the feminine attractions of the home owner, but as it happens, this young man has stumbled into a witch's lair. One who is seeking a substitute to stand in for her while she takes a holiday.
Siproites - Substitute Witch 12
 The image of the hunky man unconsciously displaying his attractions unaware that an unwished-for, shocking fate is being planned for him is the stuff of teen-horror films and classic 'danger' story-telling. You can see there's an appropriate element of apprehension in his demeanour and his right hand is most interestingly positioned.
It's highly erotic.

Siproites - Substitute Witch 16
This transformation begins with shrinking hands and fingernails which not only get longer but acquire a laquered finish. This view of what makes a woman could only belong to a man I think. Siproites rises rather well to the challenge of imagining and depicting what it would be like to feel your sex organs shinking back inside your body.

Siproites - Chrysalis 03
'Chrysalis' was the first work by Siproites which I stumbled across and it's one of his best, particularly interesting for those of us who enjoy fetish flavours in our fare. This butch little elf is a marvellous, sexy creation. He's shown here lusting after some fairies, thereby establishing his hetero credentials. The threat posed by a giant scorpion is another of those adventure story, danger scenarios full of erotic overtones. However in heroic fantasies (their customary domain) such creatures usually stop short of explicit, erotic attack, so this tights-ripping ploy must be as worrying to the elfin hero as it is unexpected. For us, this method of disrobement has the advantage that we can view the whole process, unobstructed.

Siproites - Chrysalis 04
 These chase images with the bare-assed elf fleeing from a nasty sting are very homo-erotic but his refuge, in a flower that closes upon him, comes from the classic iconography of female parts.
Siproites - Chrysalis 05
 These pictures, of the fugitive breathlessly sheltering and then discovering he's fled into another danger and is in fact trapped, are very pretty and very evocative. I can recall a fantasy island film in my younger days where a semi-naked youth is chased by a giant bee, takes shelter in a honeycomb and is sealed into it by his pursuer. Siproites take on the idea rekindled the excitement I felt then, though I'm not sure I have any idea why it works on me like that. I suppose in fetish terms it combines caging with a sort of mummification. In the end the captive elf becomes a (female) fairy and is then released to fly away, watched by another cute, mini-rugby-player on the ground below, who is destined to take the same path.

I confess I find Siproites work very sexy, despite the prominence of the female form in it. The psychology of it, though familiar, seems to be at the same time deeply mysterious (possibly for the same reason). I can only recommend you to explore it further.

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