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Friday, 28 October 2016

A-Z of Fetish Artists - Xian


Xian's art illustrates tales of historical China, drawing on the absolute power that the aristocratic elite had over their servants and vassals.

Xian - Gardener 07

I'm not a great fan of historical scenarios or the costumes of those times (except for loincloths), however Xian's simple depictions have a directness that is quite arresting. The uncluttered style allows clarity of small details that would be lost in a more elaborate image.

Xian - Gardner 08
 In addition, the depictions of the captives in these images have a certain elemental masculine charm that is most engaging.

As you can see, Xian had a well developed publishing style but I can't find his work on the web. He used to contribute to GMBA occasionally (link in sidebar) but I haven't seen anything there recently. Any information from readers would be most welcome as always.

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