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Saturday 31 October 2015

Mitchell's A-Z of Fetish Artists - Underbeit (aka LBN)

 Underbeit - Standing Around

Underbeit's art gingerly explores the attractions of men placed in bondage and it's naive in style and content. This mature man is fondly observed but the title of the piece and his casual pose, comfortably leaning against the wall, scarcely hints at the torment potentially in store for that single supporting leg as his restraint continues.

 Underbeit - Bundle of Joy

This simple image succeeds in capturing the tightness of the captive's ropes and gagging. The upright, almost flaming hair seems to convey not just the subject's rebellious youthfulness, but also seems to underline his alarm at his predicament - and perhaps too, his own aroused response to it. 
The title seems to refer to someone else's view of this state of affairs.

Underbeit colourises many of his images like this, but they don't retain all the detail of the originals and in this example there's elevation effect in the coloured version making it less intimate and more objectified.

 Underbeit - Frustration

Another mature man and another gag. It looks like he is being given an intimidating preview of what's coming his way. Underbeit's title however suggests it's a lustful, size-obsessed gay man being teased by his captor. Or is the captor himself frustrated by the obstacle to contentment he himself has provided? i.e. the gag.

 Underbeit - Morning Strapping

This man's masculine credentials are evident in his hairy body and supplemented by the presence of a punchbag suggesting he's a fighter too, which makes the glow of his spanking and his submissive, inviting pose all the more humiliating. If you look at his left leg you'll see what I mean about the colouring process washing away detail.
 Underbeit - Submission

Although this image is called submission it's actually a rather impressive depiction of aggression and dominance of another sporting male. Showing the attacker actually in the process of wrapping his opponent's face (presumably in a wet towel) has much more impact than simply depicting a man in a mask. It makes the struggle between the two men more immediate and real. But even if this is seen as play, the drawing also brings home quite forcefully the sinister possibility/threat of breath control which underlies those face covering and gagging fetishes.
 Underbeit - Snake's Punishment

I suppose I should know who Snake is but I'm content to understand his punishment here. It does not appear to have reached it's conclusion yet, there's a few inches still to go. His legs appear to be unrestrained which would probably allow him to postpone that outcome until his muscles (in both departments) begin to tire.  His face too is tightly wrapped, in rope this time. It's also secured to the post, uncomfortable as well as restraining.
Underbeit probably wouldn't qualify for this series on technique alone but his work has flashes of true erotic power and is suggestive of that never-to-be-repeated period of youthful exploration and self-examination we all go through as the mysterious and frightening possibilities of forced restraint and fetishistic fantasies unfold before us. Even Tagame and Tom of Finland must have passed this way at one point.

I can't find a website for Underbeit, any information from readers would be welcome.

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Anonymous said...

You can find more of his work here:
He hasn't posted any new works since the end of 2010 and seems to be completely inactive as of 2014.



Since many people have the problem finding the site of the artist who created an image by the file name, here a little(regretably incomplete) guide. I hope it will be of help. ArtistName - ImageName (you can get to the artists page by inserting the name of the artist at the end of this url: . You need to be logged on for this to work. Also please note that in some cases the spaces might be substituted with other signs, typically + or %20) Image_Name_by_Artist_Name (you can get to the artists page by inserting name at the beginning of this url: 7481858_p0 (The first part is a global identifier for the image, that can be translated to the page of said image by inserting it at the end of this url: . The second part identifies single images in a series.) 122345678.ArtistName_ImageName[?] system): 1057956888 (there is no way to directly link to an image by the file name)[?] system): artistname200509131647530 (the numbers state when the image was submitted in the format YYYYMMDDhhmmssx)[?] system): image_name_original (again there is no way to directly link to an image page by the file name) system): (Renderotica no longer provides file names for the images)

file extensions were omitted for practical reasons.

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