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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Whatever happened to boundxxboy?

Long ago when the internet was still young
 and Bound Gods just a twinkle in Van's eye,
there was boundxxboy

As cute a guy as you could ever wish to meet. 

With a beautiful, lean muscled body.

Trouble was, the local toughs seemed to find him an irresistible target 

When he came home from jogging they were there,
eager to take his sweaty clothes.

Time and again he was stripped to his underwear and tossed on his bed
and he knew what would be coming next.

The trouble was, he did get a boner when they strapped his ankles together and hog-tied him.

 But then they would uncover his ass and begin to take photo's
and they'd show them to their pals.

And more of them would come and torment him.
They seemed to get rougher and rougher.

In vain he pleaded to be left alone - but they  punished him if he resisted.

But then he seemed to disappear.
It was as though one of his admirers had stripped him off
and spirited him away.

Whatever happened to boundxxboy?

Is he being held captive somewhere?
Forever doomed to put that peachy ass on display
 whenever his captor wants to admire it?

I'd be glad to hear if anyone knows where other boundxxboy images can be found.
(Spanking image reblogged from Soup Goblin)


speedoric said...

thx for these Boundboyz photos not seen for ages:great bondage and cute fir but thin,sinuous lad

Mitchell said...

I agree and his anguished expression and the masked attackers give the pictures a politically incorrect but very sexy edge which few studios dare today

Anonymous said...

The perfect bondage model, unrivaled to this day. Perfectly sculpted from head to cute toes. He did a young hero series, an alien abduction series, and an incredible series bound in a basement or dungeon. Some short vids, too. Can't find any of that now. I'd love to know his whereabouts today.