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Sunday, 10 November 2013

A-Z of Fetish Artists - My Letter 'S' Favourite

It's my custom to pick a personal favourite artist for each letter based on fetish content, sensuality (or eroticism if you like) and technical skill. I automatically eliminate those artists whose contributions to fetish art are small in number, which rules out the likes of otherwise prolific artists like Steven and Sven.

For the letter 'S' I have more contenders than usual but no obvious winner. I suppose Sean is the pinnacle of fetish creativity in this group, but I would not discount SAJ, Skipper or Stud nor Sherwin's exploration of the crucifixion niche. Sergey's fiery cowboy epic is equally worthy but I must reluctantly discount him simply because I know of no other work by him.

I enjoy Spryte's work, and envy his humour, but cartoonists usually struggle to make the cut in my survey because I prefer an element of seriousness to be present, which is why out of my Spryte selection I like best his jungle plant picture 'Juice'.

When it comes to sensuality, Sepp, Silencio, Swarbrick, Sp-i-nt (and Sergey again) put in strong bids. Sabian's naïve work also has an inexplicably effective eroticism.

The technical leaders must be Sepp, Sherer, Silencio and Ira Smith. My choice is made more difficult this time by the presence of artists whose work goes beyond the simple depiction of erotic events and therefore seems 'important', notably Swarbrick.

My gut instinct is to narrow the choice down to Sean, Swarbrick and Silencio, with Sherwin and Stud close behind. Of the top 3, Silencio is my undoubted visual favourite, strong on masculinity but perhaps too light in fetish identity. Swarbrick's images are amazingly evocative and alluring, but again the fetish ingredient is incidental and they flirt with immaturity more than I really like. 

Sean on the other hand created some amazing imagery in his 'Bound and Gagged' period and this kidnap scene is quite a good example. It is not technically flawless, although Sean is not the first artist to be caught out by the perspectives of the hog-tie position (there's a similar image in Etienne's 'Sailor Beware' series). Anyway I love the underwear bulge. It's powerful art for it's time and I don't think the other artists in this letter are strong enough to displace him from the top spot. 


So my choice for the letter 'S' is Sean. I've chosen this final example by him of two buddies being introduced to the whip in a scene full of anxiety and energy.

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Anonymous said...

Sean is certainly one of my FAVORITE Artists. You can find a HUGE Archive of his work at

Mitchell said...

I repeat the warning in my original article. Please, please, do not download this archive without checking you actually want everything that is in it