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Thursday 8 September 2011

Mitchell's A-Z of Fetish Artists - Otokono

Otokono (also known as Bo) is the last of my 'O's. Fetish is a bit of a sideline for him but I thought these pictures of robotic assailants are interesting. They form part of a group in which some of the images are fanciful 'toys' entirely under the control of their lustful users but they are wearing wristbands which hint at the possibility of restraint. In other pictures that restraint is explicit, the robots are in control.

Otokono - Chained for Pleasuring

It's no surprise to see 'big' men from a Japanese artist and there's a slight family resemblance to Tagame's men but without the body hair. The man struggles with his chains, sweat pouring from his body and forming pools at his feet. It's not clear if he is succumbing to his sensuality or trying to escape from the probing of his body, but he clearly doesn't have access to the 'off' switch. Bo's command of anatomy shows through despite the cartoony style and it's nice to see the robot attachments detailed so carefully.

Otokono - Held Tight

The second image is less ambiguous. The victim's struggle in the firm grip of the machine is even more convincing here but you can see he has the remote control in his hand. Or perhaps that is for the television, this robot has a camera recording the penetration in close up. I have no idea what the object in his mouth is or why it is so complex and organic-looking.

Otokono has a big site with lots of examples of his work at Bo's Gallery
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