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Sunday 25 October 2009

Mitchell's A-Z of Fetish Artists - Jonathan

Most S&M and Spanking enthusiasts will know of Jonathan's Art which is widely circulated on the net. His pictures depict humiliating, spanking punishments inflicted on cute young men by every conceivable sort of authority figure and there are revenge scenarios too. The victim's embarrassment is an essential ingredient made plain by words, facial expression, blushing etc. The pictures are cheerfully coloured and usually have a festive, jolly atmosphere as the victim receives a deserved comeuppance - often witnessed by amused bystanders.

Jonathan - House of Fun

'House of Fun' typifies this and is drawn with an interesting viewpoint and nice facial detail. Jonathan is not the first to draw on the surreal imagery of circuses and clowns to create a sinister sense of concealed, wicked intentions, but the spanking context and oversized details of the clown are highly original. It gives the picture a satisfying extra layer of mysterious interest. The swaying crowd (which I suspect is unintentional) and dancing flames on the fence create a sense of rhythmic movement in the background and comment on the spanking action and the victim's pain experience. Meanwhile the prancing ringmaster and his trailing whip suggest the devil is lurking and urging the clown on. Note the suggestive shape of the 'hand' lying on the floor. Jonathan's pictures are often full of details like this, contributing to the story and fuelling the viewers' imagination.

Jonathan - I Said Don't Litter!

These backpackers (apparently gay, judging by their tent) are being punished for camping or littering at a remote beauty spot. This is a favourite of mine because the armed land-owner (or warden) has tied them up to be punished. I love the chemistry of buddies being punished together, one suffers while the other anticipates. Blond and brunette pairs like this turn up quite often in Jonathan's pictures. The other ingredient in this picture that makes it really special for me are the dinky little shorts still lying on the ground where the boys were forced to take them off. It's a classic example of clothes emphasising undressing. They look so skimpy, I'd love to see what they looked like when the lads were wearing them.

Jonathan - White Interrogation

Some of Jonathan's pictures have a darker atmosphere and I find these particularly interesting. In this example, a young tourist has fallen into the hands of Police in foreign lands and is systematically abused by them. The leering looks of the policemen all armed with heavy paddles and the suggestive positioning of the ashtray and burning cigarette, create a truly menacing atmosphere which scarcely needs the elaboration of the lad's fearful expression and flying perspiration. At least one of the cops seems to be aroused by his helpless prisoner. Again, the discarded clothing and trainers underline the nudity of the victim – and his youth. Jonathan has explored this scenario in a number of pictures.

Jonathan - Police Sting

In 'Police Sting' the man receiving the birching is unusually mature-looking by Jonathan's standards, his blond buddy is more typical. Although both men are naked below the waist, their manly tackle is hidden and this is typical and this reflects not just publishing considerations but the broad nature of the spanking fetish which transcends mere sex. When Jonathan does show sexual organs they are of normal size and generally not erect. As we have seen in 'White Interrogation' and 'House of Fun', however, sexual overtones are not entirely absent.

I should perhaps say that this selection of pictures is more representative of my own fetish interests than Jonathan's pictures as a whole. I have not even mentioned his vast range of Dad spanks Son OTK (over the knee) pictures. Maybe another time!

These pictures are essentially cartoons with a touch of realism. The anatomy is pretty good and although the perspective is a bit wobbly sometimes there is usually a good sense of depth. Despite the wealth of detail the images are always easy to understand. The result is great entertainment.

Jonathan's art is much loved by the spanking community and rightly so. Considering the narrow focus of his subject matter it is amazing how he constantly produces new ideas. Unlike some other prolific artists he doesn't seem to 'churn out' pictures which all look much the same. The consistent quality of his pictures and the intelligent humour in them make them a pleasure to view.

As far as I know he does not have a web-site.
His work appears from time to time at Man's Hand and there is a lot posted at Jock Spank Blog and other groups dedicated to spanking. Seek and you will find!

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Anonymous said...

Sigh! The sketch about the backpackers is rally very sexy! One is spanked while his friend knows what's in store for him! The dear on his face sez it all!

Dave said...

I think Jonathan is the best m/m spank artist I have seen. The other one I like on this level is Franco, who I did a cool Q&A with on my blog about a year ago.....

May do somethin' on Jonathan on my blog at some point..hmm.....