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Monday, 26 October 2009

Mitchell's A-Z of Fetish Artists - Tom Jones

A prolific commercial artist with a distinctive, rough painted style and an eye for classic All-American good looks. A lot of his output is of the pin-up variety, handsome young men posing in swimming trunks or shorts which are obviously more widely saleable. He does a nice line in cowboys.

Tom Jones - Midnight Cowboy 
He has, however, produced a surprising amount of pictures with fetish subjects. I would include in this category an extensive group wrestling pictures which express man to man domination and forced submission in a non-controversial context.

Tom Jones - High School Wrestlers
The example I've shown here is not the most suggestive 
but I like the soft treatment of the faces and the sexy bulges.

On top of these, Tom Jones has produced pictures explicitly depicting 
bondage, watersports and even spanking. 

Tom Jones - Kiss 
'Kiss' is quite interesting stylistically, you can see echoes of 1930's cubist techniques in the blonde man's face. This influence is even more noticeable in other pictures by Jones. There is also a touch of Harry Bush about them, an artist with whom Tom enjoyed a long period of correspondence, recounted at his website (link below). 
The portrayal of the bondage subject itself is mild but erotic, man on man kisses are so rare in fetish art that they almost qualify as a fetish in their own right! But even Jones feels obliged to give the sexy, unmistakeably modern men in the picture below a seemingly apologetic, historical label - 'Sparta'. 

Tom Jones - Sparta 
'Slippery when wet' (below) makes no apologies, however, 
as a tied young man is forced to kneel and be drenched.

Tom Jones - Slippery when wet

This has a rougher painted style than the other pictures in my selection. I am normally wary about techniques which distract from the sensuality of the scene and I'm not sure the rendering of wetness is very successful, but this picture does convey a sense that something strange is engulfing the man's ample rear.

Subsequent to this article I have added (2017) a further selection of Tom Jones fetish art

Tom has a website at TomJonesMen where you will find dozens of his pictures.
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