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Sunday, 18 October 2009

Mitchell's A-Z of Fetish Art - Jakal

Jakal provided a number of illustrations for the Drummer magazine in the 80's and blurry copies of them circulate on the internet. He illustrated typical S&M pastimes. bondage, violation etc but placed them in romantic dungeon settings so they seem more serious and less like role-play

Jakal - Unbuttoned

His men look like real people with exceptional but not unbelievable physiques. The shading of muscles and shapes (above) shows photographic influences but the diagonal shading of the man's jeans suggests a training in graphics..

Jakal - Drilling
In 'Drilling' the portrayal of the male figure in action is very convincing, the head is particularly well drawn and there is a strong sense of the subject's forceful purpose. The erotically sagging jeans work well too. 

Jakal - Whipmaster
Whipmaster is the most romantic of these three with elaborate costuming and a medieval background. The detailing of veins and hairy arms is amazing. But the triumph of this picture is the overwhelming sense of coiled power about to be unleashed, conveyed through the dramatic (and tricky) foreshortened pose.
Jakal is no mean artist and he occupies an interesting niche in between real world S&M and fantasy. 

(Images decensored Nov 2015) 

Sorry no link info, but his pictures turn up at GMBA from time to time (link in sidebar)
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wisottertail said...

i was sorry that you didn't post the series "Drilling" in full size. i think that Jakal had at least pictures in this series, maybe more. Thanks for all the you do! This is a great blog!

Mitchell said...

Thanks for the compliment!
You will find the full version of these pictures in the GMBA archives (link in sidebar), search for Jakal.