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Wednesday 26 August 2009

In Praise of Y-Fronts - 8. Rear View Fantasies

As Mitchell is a fetish artist and is a fetish interest site the sight of a male rear view inevitably conjures up fantasies of spanking.

The associations of 'should be worn and not seen' adds an extra twist of humiliation to this situation. This guy could almost be straight, that bedroom was certainly created by a woman and here he is presenting his Y-fronts and being punished for it.
(Picture by Young Designers Emporium of S Africa – but it's just an ad)

The second picture from Man's Hand shows a public spanking of a man in Y-fronts, surely that's not a gay man? Have the revellers at the Folsom Street fair jumped a workman who made derogatory remarks as he passed by? Probably not but it's a nice fantasy.

Add a touch of bondage and the eroticism ratchets up a level.
Sorry no source info for this picture.

The way the leg seams shape the buttocks and highlight the thighs in these pictures is a feast for the eyes. Some of these underpants may not be Y-fronts although the effect is similar.
above: Cory from Captured Guys

Next time I'll look at contemporary rivals.

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