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Sunday 4 May 2008

Mitchell's A to Z of Fetish Artists - Augustine (revised 2018)

Flexibility Training
Augustine shows men tightly restrained in improbable and fiendishly painful positions. The use of comprehensive strapping and awkward positions are the essence of control of course and highly erotic. His style is more sophisticated than it looks with graphic design influences in the shading and highlighting technique. It has much in common with that of the fem-dom bondage artist Eric Stanton.

Augustine also has a fondness for enema punishments. The crouch positioning of this subject draws attention (unusually) to the stress of retention rather than the discomfort of internal bloating which seems to interest most illustrators of this procedure. 

The faces are simply drawn and usually obscured with gags and strapping which is a loss for me - I like to see expressions. There's a suggestion here of a good-looking young man with a decent body but generally the figures lack this much character. The puffed out cheeks are the trademark of another fem-dom artist 'Emma', the distortion of a man's means of seduction being a very unsubtle female punishment. There are also interesting similarities to Franco's early style in the treatment of the background detail. 

Hooked Up
I think this may be Augustine's best known image and there's more similarity to Franco's style here in the marvellous complexity of the equipment and the shading technique (although I'm not suggesting any direct linkage). There's something delightfully naive in the improvisatory arrangements here, with the captive balanced precariously on a wedge-like stand constructed from piping and a rudimentary, bargain basement, shelving system which houses not only complex fluid circulating equipment but more mundane (and subtle) torments such as Castor oil. I like the way the catheter tubing twines round the upright.

 This image takes the objectification of men to the extreme, reducing them to sex organs and orifices which are all connected up to a giant storage tank ass though on a production line. In all these pictures there's not a great sense that the artist actually likes men that much nor sees their equipment as objects of desire. Their personalities are reduced to fearful staring eyes.

In fact these images are cropped from larger fem dom illustrations and although the creator is a man you'll be in no doubt about where his interests lie if you see the way he draws women. His art expresses self-abasement and submission rather than gay domination. There's an extensive blog of his work at Augustine's Art but don't expect to see man on man action. His Deviant Art page is entirely devoted to women.

If you want to know more about Augustine, there's an interview here


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