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Friday, 2 May 2008

Mitchell's A to Z of Fetish Artists - The Amir (revised 2015)

The Amir - In Punishment

Amir's work is not often seen. His speciality is the bondage (and more) of swarthy Latin men and his subjects are unmistakably men and not boys. Their ordeals - often involving painful restraint - are depicted with a passion that seeks to convey the unpleasantness of their predicament. The drawing style is simple but still manages to capture personality in the subject and drama in the action.

The Amir - 'Countermelody'
It's the unmistakeable masculinity which I most admire. This picture of two men, bound and kept on leashes so their captor can dominate them is all the more powerful for the clear maturity of the two captives. The one on the right, slightly podgier, is slightly older perhaps. The identical caps suggest their backgrounds are linked, perhaps as workmates in some manual profession. This shared humiliation adds a new dimension to their relationship.

The Amir - Shampoo

Humiliation fetish of a different sort. This is an incomplete sketch but the arm muscles and creases in the boots show a decent draughtsman at work.

The Amir's interest in S&M art seems to fluctuate, I don't have a link for a permanent gallery but I did find an interesting collection of sketches by 'The Amir'
(Thanks to JoeT for the confirmation and improved version of 'Countermelody').
See also the comment from the Amir himself below.
(article revised Feb 2015)
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Anonymous said...

Mitch : Those "sketches attributed.." are by the same artist, yes. TheAmir has a few different styles. I know him somewhat and I'll ask him if he wants any links added here. He might have a site now, but might not. He vanishes and reappears like a djinni.- Joe T.

Mitchell said...

Thanks JoeT, I tried to contact him via an old e-mail address I had, but no reply so far.

theAmir said...

I'm honoured to be here. :)
I'm sorry for the mail, maybe it's my old one... the site closed so it doesn't exist anymore but I'm on my Facebook page sometimes.
Thank you Mitch!