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Monday 19 May 2008

Mitchell's A to Z of Fetish Artists - The Letter 'C'

C is for :- 'C' of Sweden, Cadete, Cavelo, Chooi, Chris (Musclemaxx) and Copper.
Cyrano - St Andrews Crucifixion

I have omitted from this list Cyrano who specialises in crucifixion and mutilation scenes drawn in a fairly naive style. Cyrano's drawings are interesting and provocative. His style closely resembles that of Mahoney
(is it the same person? Info from readers welcome).

Cervone - Slave Train

Another notable artistic omission is Cervone, but despite some memorable images most of his work is non-fetish (slave train above being a notable exception) otherwise he would certainly be included.

Colt - From Manpower

Colt (alias Luger alias Jim French) was an even more difficult choice. I admire tremendously his lush, semi-photographic style. His pictures are loaded with masculinity and suggestions of submission and domination (which is the essence of the 'mitchmen' world). Colt's phallic stool legs were something of a trademark and provided a hidden erotic message when the pictures were doctored for publication by clothing offending organs. For initiates of course, the barely visible chain links and dripping glass conjure up even more provocative ideas!

All of these artists are likely to get their own article in due course.
(this article revised, March 2015)

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