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Wednesday 21 May 2008

Mitchell's A to Z of Fetish Artists - 'C' of Sweden

'C' of Sweden depicts spanking scenes. Spanking as a 'mitchmen' fetish is primarily about domination, submission and humiliation - men on men and that is what I enjoy in 'C's pictures. He normally portrays the subject in a serious, almost non-sexual way. The participants are often fully clothed (save for the recipients bottom perhaps) and sexual organs are hardly ever shown. This does not eliminate the erotic appeal of course. The use of clothing gives the characters an identity and helps provide a narrative for the picture. Indeed partly removed clothing (as in the illustration) is often more erotic than nudity.
My only caveat is that 'C' often uses historical settings with characters wearing moustaches and/or elaborate costumes - these pictures don't work so well for me.
'C' employs a variety of styles ranging from simple line drawings (as illustrated) to highly detailed pictures reminiscent of lithographed Edwardian cartoons
(highly appropriate to this rather archaic sport!).
He also does more artful pictures shaped with shading and toning rather than lines.

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