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(Oct 28th 2018)

Saturday, 23 March 2019

A-Z on RJ Blake revised

RJ Blake - Ripe Balls

As part of my on-going upgrades to early articles in the A-Z of Fetish Artists series, I have now expanded my essay on the work of RJ 'Ron' Blake. He's an artist who explored the darkest corners of S&M and the way he draws his men in their various predicaments is unique, sexy and memorable.

The image shown here illustrates many facets of his work, the sketchy drawing style, the attractive man with a hint of bondage restraint and a focus on erotic detail, such as the underarm hair and not least a pre-occupation with male organs. The chunky proportions they enjoy here seem all the more sexy on a slightly-built and relatively young man. The wispy hair dancing around them seems to reflect a ripening masculinity but also suggest an electric-like state of heightened sensitivity. These unruly pubes merge ambiguously with the cup-shaped, artist's signature creating a distinct impression that that something interesting is going on down there!   

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