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(Oct 28th 2018)

Monday, 5 March 2018

Mitchell's - Last Chance Saloon

Gay Art by Mitchell - Last Chance Saloon
The Mitchville Cops are a generous spirited lot.
When they catch rogues up to no good, they don't automatically run them in.
Instead they ajourn with them to a local bar to hear their pleas of mitigation in comfort.
As you might have expected, the local villains soon get to know each Officer's preferences
and share with each other the arguments that will go down best with each one.
When you're looking at a 10 year stretch a hairy ass is not so daunting.

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Anonymous said...

Nice one, I like the facial expressions and arm/torso of the cop in the foreground. Beer bottles might be a little out of scale but a hot scenario. At first I miss the bondage, but it's nicely implied by the victims' postures, and all the more enticing maybe for being out of frame.

Like your site, haven't seen someone go into this material with anything like this kind of depth much before.


Mitchell said...

Thanks for your comment, casual cop abuse is a recurring feature in my work but this scenario is more elaborate than most!