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(Oct 28th 2018)

Monday, 12 June 2017

Men Sharing Clothes No 23 - Rugby Shorts

Despite my periodic infatuation with Rugby Hunks I never thought I'd be able to feature them, (real ones!), in this thoroughly disreputable series, which fantasises about men unwittingly donning clothes that have already been thoroughly worn by another man, ideally in a scenario involving lots of (ahem) 'physical effort'. Usually it's male models and porn stars who provide my material, for fairly obvious reasons.

We all know about soccer players swapping shirts with their opposite numbers at the end of a match and I suppose one shouldn't be surprised to discover Rugby players (being the gung-ho males that they are) going further and swapping their shorts. Curiously, in this first gif it looks as if the player on the left is having to be persuaded to participate in this dubious public spectacle.

He doesn't look too happy here either, apparently red in the face in the face with embarrassment as another of his opponents weighs in. These pictures were taken during a real match in Australia where butchness is mandatory for heteros, so his anxiety is not entirely surprising.

In contrast, his opposite number is much more eager to get his crotch into those lovely green shorts and he doesn't exactly look like a pussy!

No 7's reluctance to participate is unwittingly providing spectators with a much more interesting and protracted show. The internet abounds with the bare bottoms of Rugby players exposed by desperate opponents who will clutch at any item of clothing or appendage to stop a breakthrough. For me though, the glimpses of underwear when a player changes his shorts are much more alluring. It's just a pity they are not white though.

There's something distinctly fetishistic about the way Mr Eager adjusts his hem, pulling the fabric of his new green shorts against his inner thigh. I say fabric but sadly these shorts are plastic and give little indication of the previous wearer's occupancy, however such materials generally tend to promote sweatiness.

No 7's face is looking so pained at this point that his partner in crime feels compelled to give him some manly encouragement. It's alright for him, the green shorts actually look pretty good against his thighs, although no gay man would countenance wearing that combination of colours in public.

From this direction the gesture looks slightly more ambiguous, 
perhaps a last calculated move to put his opponent off his stroke?

My next post will give some background on the match and two players concerned

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