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(Feb 18th 2018)

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Vintage Season 13 - The Other Side

The subject of G-string characteristics would not be complete without touching on the backside of these models, i.e. the rear view.

Mark Nixon - WPG
 I don't have a vast number of posing pouch rear views in my collection and a browse of the Internet doesn't throw up vast amounts either. That's partly because photographers often discarded their pouches as being unnecessary for these shots, as in the image of Mark Nixon above. 

Dennis Thorpe - Great Western
It's presence for this beefcake shot may reflect the personal wishes of the model or greater caution by the studio. There's not too much to say about the garment really. Only the string is visible, curving round and disappearing into the buttock cleft. With a thong garment the back triangle usually produces quite a nice erotic effect but with a G-string there's not really enough of it to make much impression. There's some compensation in the groove which it makes in the model's flesh with it's tightness, it suggests discomfort but not a lot more. The model has a nice chunky physique and his buttock and leg hair is a nice feature of this image. The classical pose is intended to be asexual of course and it succeeds to a fair degree. However it is also quite submissive in character. I like to imagine there's a big man with a whip standing just out of shot.

Dennis Thorpe - Great Western
This is the same model looking rather fetching in his US Sailor's hat. The G-string doesn't really contribute to the success of the image or go with the hat, instead it draws attention to an awkward-looking positioning of the lower body. The line it follows doesn't conform to recognisable clothing behaviour and is confusing to the eye. It certainly draws attention to the model's buttock cleft however, producing some interesting curves just as it disappears.

The two rear strings connect to the front pouch material somewhere behind the scrotum. If you think about it, those two strings, being anchored only at the front of the body, are bound to be a bit unruly, changing position as the contours of the buttock alters beneath them. In fact if you were walking in them, you'd need pretty pert buttocks to prevent the side strings gradually descending until they just encircled the top of the thighs. This may explain why Dennis looks as though he's being very careful about retrieving his ciggies.
Leonard Chambers
You can see the same visual effect in this picture, the line of the strings seems unnaturally straight and their dark colour makes them very obvious. This breaks up the buttock area visually, destroying any sense of nudity we might have otherwise enjoyed. In this image the cleft between the buttocks is even more apparent and I find it interesting that this was  apparently allowable.
See more of Leonard Chambers in Bondage

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 The standing man in this picture was probably told to simulate a wrestling hold here, but it has come out looking like he's helping his fallen buddy - which is rather sweet. It's not completely clear if the kneeling model is wearing a G-string, but as this is from a wrestling sequence he probably is. The lack of visibility was an advantage of course. Contrast that with the very obvious waist string on the other model. In the previous pictures the string follows a line which curves round the top of the leg. In this view it cuts square across the waist and the effect is rather ugly.
Tuck Powell
Gratuitous picture of Tuck Powell! This image by Champion tells another story with some beautiful curving lines that accentuate the model's shape and don't interfere at all with the sense of nudity. There's a nice shadow line along the top of the pouch suggesting that Tuck is getting too big for his pouch!

Jim Stafford and Paul Blake - AMG (click to enlarge)
 AMG got a good result in this picture with only the faintest of strings visible and following a natural looking line too. This is thanks to Paul Blake, the model on the floor having opened his legs (which produces an erotic vibe of it's own of course). His muscular right arm, seemingly locked behind his back, looks great and the slightly anxious, upwards look completes a memorable submissive, defeated pose. It's not convincing wrestling but I've rarely seen a more enjoyable head scissors image.

John Davidson tops Al Edmonds - AMG
John Davidson seems to be out-wrestling someone much bigger than himself here which is always an entertaining scenario. It has produced an interesting (if predictable) juxtaposition of their two bodies which you would imagine would fall foul of the censors. Were the visible G-strings sufficient to reassure moral guardians that the two men are clothed? Or were they simply not aware of the mechanics of "what those homosexuals do?" In visual terms they really do look totally redundant.

If you look closely you can see that John's strings don't dive between his legs as do Leonard Chambers' and Dennis Thorpe's above. Instead they are attached to the tail end of the front cloth which passes continuously between the legs, from front waist to rear waist, instead of terminating behind the scrotum to make a cup shape. You might say this is the traditional 'loin cloth' model and it produces a slightly different 'top line', one less likely to slip. For that reason it is a more practical form of the garment for athletic pursuits like wrestling (although not completely reliable as you can see in this AMG picture I used in part 7). Maybe it was considered more decent too, since it covered the ass.

This image illustrates the design more clearly. Notice how the left hand wrestler has no bulge at all but the nearest model seems to have quite a lot going on in his pouch! Perhaps that's because his strings are slipping (it looks as if the nearest one might be). That would cause sagging. I think the rough and ready look actually suited AMG, they were very proud of the bad boy credentials of their models. The hairy ass is part of that image as well, but it seems surprising that they were not considered offensive. Well, I don't consider them offensive either but then I'm not coming from the same place! To my eyes the white cloth slicing between hairy buttocks is exceedingly erotic and this image (which I guess is cropped from a larger picture) is only limiter by the posing, not the clothing.

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