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(Feb 18th 2018)

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Ulf's Weird Punishment

While researching the next post in my Ulf Retrospective series yesterday I was amazed to rediscover this image, which connects directly to my "Weird Punishment" set just posted.

Guys in Uniform - Ulf Style

 I don't think there is very much doubt that this picture was inspired by the "Guys in Uniform" image below. Ulf has made some significant changes, the most important being to convert the looming threat of stinging punishment into an overt act, creating a scene reminiscent of his early 'angry' work. At the same time he's also made the prisoner more comfortable by giving him a raised platform to lie on, compare the stressed, grovelling original below. I sense Ulf's giving the captive the 'Heroic American' treatment here.

"Guys in Uniform" Original Image
Ulf made numerous other modifications, polishing up physiques and clothing and substituting new fetish iconography for old. His trademark background detailing helps bring the scene to life.

There are pluses and minuses for me, but you can judge for youself how this makeover compares to the original.

You can view more of the "Guys in Uniform" originals from this series at GIU7

Ulf is not the only artist to be inspired by "Guys in Uniform" imagery, see my A-Z article on Harry Bush  (yes the bikini boys man!)

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