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(Feb 18th 2018)

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

You're Going Down ! - 4

Kalabro - Sex in Prison

Kalabro's depiction of the intimidation and violence of prison life is very graphic indeed. This is a nightmare in the shower to rival 'Psycho'!. The power of these images owes a lot to the way Kalabro has drawn them, not just the subject matter and the words. He shows typically exaggerated, muscular legs, flailing helplessly in the first frame above and opened out wide in the second, they don't look realistic but they really underline what is going on. Compare the intensity of the interaction here and the sense of struggle with the highly polished but near-static tableau of my last post.

There's a degree of kinship with the drawings of 'The Hun' whose best images generate a similar sense of excitement - although he tends to rely more heavily on the words. The young convict waiting in the wings is very reminiscent of  that artist's long-suffering heroes - a tribute perhaps?

Kalabro is an very under-rated artist for my money
(see also my A-Z articles on Kalbro and 'The Hun')

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