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(Feb 18th 2018)

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Men Sharing Clothes 19 - Cut-offs and Cowboys

Doug Courtney
 Getting different models to pose in the same clothes is nothing new as these pictures from the AMG era show. You get the impression that the set-up then was pretty casual then and the men picked up off the street, so there must have been some interesting reactions when they were asked to put on someone else's skanky cut-offs - without having any underwear on. Later they would realise just how much previous wearers had perspired under studio lights. Perhaps that explains the less than joyous expression on the boy's face in the picture below - or maybe it's just the draught from that open door.

The models in these pictures seem far less muscular and sensual than modern day imagery but these pair are well developed and trim, it's the photographic style that is different. Model No 2 whose name I haven't discovered seems to be raging with testosterone and his unthreatening, boy next door  appeal is timeless.

I discovered this image more recently, Doug Courtney again, I think, showing his torso muscle to better effect.

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