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(Feb 18th 2018)

Friday, 30 January 2015

Mitch-Man under Pressure

Mitchell - Bondage Furniture No 7 (The Surfboard)

I drew this picture shortly after posting my A-Z article on 'The Amir' in 2008 and have just noticed it's resemblence to a bondage arrangement used by that artist there 
(and also reproduced in my most recent post about him). 

It is an interesting example of how we subconsciously absorb influences, but I'm happy to acknowledge it. The Amir went a lot further than me in promoting the captive's discomfort. I left my man merely anticipating developments. These are unseen by us, but they do seem to be worrying ones for him!

This image is No 7 from my Bondage Furniture series,
which can be seen in full at the Yahoo! Group. (Link in sidebar).

There's another from the series in this blog post:- Bondage Furniture No 1 

No 6 is posted in the Blog Gallery
along with a selection of other pictures by me (click on image in sidebar)

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