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(Feb 18th 2018)

Friday, 4 April 2014

Bound and Gagged Magazine - 5

My previous posts have concentrated on straight-forward bondage imagery but Bound and Gagged also featured some memorable bondage 'furniture'. The spanking bench in post no 3 is a fairly commonplace example but there are notable others.

 'Tag' in a Spherical Cage
A marvellous image that has been posted all over. It's not just the unusual shape that makes it interesting but the suspension which makes suggestive connections with bird cages and diving bells dipped into the ocean. I once read a fantasy book where a malevolent dwarf was kept in a suspended cage, square and made of wooden slats. I always found the idea exciting (if not the dwarf!)

 Frank Guinness in a Cage

A more conventional cage. The compact size is highly practical, it's not only space saving, but also heightens the sense of confinement for the prisoner. Unlike the prison cell, it allows no refuge from those outside the bars. I enjoy cage scenes but keeping the captive in bondage while inside seems a bit unnecessary. An unfettered man struggling to escape the tiny, unyielding cage would be quite erotic for me!

 Dart in The Box
'The Box' was used to imprison many B&G models over the years. The squat design is more confining than the cage and the lid leaning against the side, threatening total enclosure is pretty intimidating. It looks like Dart is being 'mentored' by here by B&G regular, Lee.
Ryan Wagner in the Box
Ryan's projecting head is displayed humiliatingly as a coffee table ornament. It reminds me of those Westerns where the cowboy (notably Ty Hardin as Bronco!) was buried up to the neck by renegades. No ants here though. The Box offers limited erotic entertainment for on-lookers as we can't see inside, it worked better in the context of the magazine as a recurring punishment for different boys (Oh No! Not the Box!).

Tag Adams bound in the Box
In case you're wondering, Tag models the interior of the box. It's surprisingly spacious. Note the ventilation fan. These features allow for prolonged incarceration and heat games. It looks like Tag has just had a taste of such delights, you have to make 'em sweat!

Matt Grimes on the Compact Block
This restraining device is another neat, space saving design, forcing the cute model here into a suitably submissive position. The anchoring effect of the solid-looking black block needs no imagining, he ain't going anywhere.

Matt Grimes tied down
The addition of a collar tie makes no practical difference, but does make a very nice picture. If you want to see more visit Bob Wingate's blog article.

Man tied over a Keg
This is not a well-known image and something of a novelty, but I enjoy a backward-arched male body. The yoke-like arm restraint doesn't exactly co-ordinate with the keg (oil-drum?) but it all looks pretty uncomfortable. The men discussing what to do to him is characteristic of B&G's down-to-earth slant on bondage scenes and allows the viewer to feel more of a connection.


Most of these images form part of series at Bob Wingate's Blog and you can track them down using the model's name.

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