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(Oct 28th 2018)

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Riding The Wedge again

Takenoya - Riding The Wedge

Another example, this time in the Yaoi style. The wedge apex looks pretty sharp but the sense of sitting and spreading of legs isn't strong. The pirate headscarf would almost qualify for my 'silly hats' series, but I like the collar, it chimes in with my current story at the Yahoo Group (link in sidebar).

Takenoya uses the wedge motif extensively and most imaginatively too,
unfortunately most of the images feature baby-faced captives
which I won't publish on this blog.
If anyone can give me a link for Takenoya I'll add it here.

Facchini - Dentist
I stumbled across this 'wedge-ette' while updating my A-Z on the artist.
It's just an ancilliary torment in this scenario. I am a fan of Facchini, but his ambiguous arrangement of the prisoner's tackle shows that the challenge of the wedge is not confined to it's victim!

If you like this piece, see also my A-Z entry on Facchini
and the mitchmen Facchini Exhibition link

Taikonaut - On The Horse
This is not a true 'Riding' image, either,
but it's a splendid wedge with a saw-tooth top edge.
The captive's protesting face alone makes the picture worth posting.

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