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Thursday, 7 March 2013

The Adventures of Leo - 5

 The physically brutal, 'Harem' session had really shaken Leo. The client's insinuation that he was destined for a 'disposal sale' had deflated his hopes of release and freedom. As he was returned to his cell, the Captor noticed how agitated he was and secured him more tightly than usual that night, making Leo feel even more helpless and threatened. He slept badly that night,

In the morning, he was awoken early as usual, to eat, perform his toilet and be washed. After this complex overnight body bindings were removed and he was prepared for the first client of the day. His hands were tied in front with simple wrist roping he was gagged with a piece of cloth. In accordance with the clients instructions, he was to be totally nude, not even given underwear.

 Leo was not taken to his usual room, but down stairs to a cellar he'd never been in before. It wasn't a dark, forbidding dungeon, but it's bright, clinically clean appearance was equally disturbing. Here he waited, alone and trembling inside, sensing that something unpleasant was going to happen to him here.

The Captor tied Leo's hands to a post above his head, murmuring encouraging words, then left. Shortly afterwards, a middle-aged man entered the cellar. In his fine clothes, he looked like a southern gent, an impression that was confirmed by his  rich accent when he spoke. He complimented Leo on his physique and stout equipment, it looked just as good as the Captor had described.Yes, a fine looking buck and with an excellent reputation for 'customer service'. Leo cringed as he chuckled.

The man began to examine him more closely. Leo was accustomed to clients drooling over his body when they first met, but this was different, almost like a doctor examining a patient - no, like a farmer inspecting livestock. He placed his hands on Leo's hips to turn him round and laughed because Leo shuddered at his touch. 

 The examination of Leo's rear was equally intimate and thorough but finally the strange man stood back that Leo would make a fine addition to the staff at his plantation. Leo squawked , "I ain't gonna be no plantation slave!" Through the gag, it didn't come out quite like that but the resistance was unmistakeable.

 "Oh Ho!" cried the man "Some spirit I see! Excellent, Leo, my boy, I like that! You get better and better! But insolence cannot go unchecked." He slid his hand lightly down Leo's back, then turned away and took off his coat, hanging it upcarefully on a wall hook. Then he unbuttoned his shirt cuffs and began to neatly roll up the sleeves, revealing unexpectedly muscular arms. From a side table he picked up a riding crop and then advanced towards where Leo was tethered. Leo's legs began to tremble, he tugged at the wrist bindings.

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