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(Feb 18th 2018)

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Hunk of The Month - Stephen Moriarty - 2

Steve Moriarty in 2010

It's hard to imagine improving on this standadrd of muscular definition.
It looks like Steve has streamlined his body fat for another contest here.
The fat loss shows in his face too, he's about 25 years old here.


I don't know how these pecs rate in Body Building Circles but they look terrific to me. Chewy or what!  The bulking up process appears to have restored a more youthful appearance and softened the body definition, which I much prefer.
Steve Moriarty by Rick Day 2011

2011 seems to be the year that Steven gets 'discovered' by commercial photographers.
This photo by Rick Day is from the same session as the lead picture in part 1 of this article.

In this shoot we get a  glimpse of coy, laddish sexuality. Rick gets him to stand on his toes, Steve butches up, but looks back at the camera with some suspicion. The authority relationship between photographer and model is a real mitchmen thing! This clever pose pushes Stephen's pelvis forward (yum!) but also makes his calves swell, balancing the bulk of his mighty thighs, so they appear shapely and strong but not totally over-developed.
Steve Moriarty by Rick Day 2011
 There's a rather sweet, youthful sensitivity about many of Stephen's images, but here Rick Day captures a more adult thoughtfulness. It contrasts intriguingly with the model's muscular body image, his competitive personality and combat sport interests. Rick portrays him as a reflective, gentle giant.

The uplifted arms protecting and cushioning the head are symbolic of vulnerability. But there's an artful sensuality in the pose too as attractively-shaped pectorals are revealed, leading the eye down to the focus of the lower half of the picture which is the striking, white underwear with it's erotic front pouch. The model has been asked to twist towards us so we may better see it's shape. The skimpy cut of this garment flatters both thigh and buttock and I suspect the rear view is equally enchanting.
Steve Moriarty Three Ways by Joe Ticknow, 2011

Interestingly, in the same year, photographer Joe Ticknow also picks up on characteristics of thoughtfulness and shy reticence which I have illustrated in this fantasy montage. The Tee-shirt slogan seems completely inappropriate but boyishly charming. This tease might easily be the lead-in to a mitchmen story about a very naive model - but I'm sure Stephen isn't one of them!

In this same shoot, Joe also captured a very different side to Stephen
which I will headline in the next post

Photo credits:  Lead picture borrowed with thanks from Stephen Moriarty's public profile -  Man of Steel at, white bikini images by Rick Day, 'I'm a beast' by Joe Ticknow (this is his vanilla business site, for men it's better to Google his images). Contest shots by Repetrope.

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