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(Oct 28th 2018)

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Arrest No 7 - Piss Patrol - part 4

As soon as Parker has fallen into a deep sleep, Seagars enters the cell.
Breathing heavily, he begins to cut away Parker's white underpants.
Parker is dreaming, he turns restlessly, making it easier for the cop to ease the shredded underpants out from under his body.
The remains are tossed into the corner of the cell. 
Seagars begins to explore Parker's naked body.

Parker seems to sense Seagars' groping hands and slobbering mouth traversing his sleeping body, he becomes aroused in his sleep and gradually comes to,
finding the cop's hairy face is only inches away from his own.
“Jeez, man! What are you doing? What's happening?” he cries, shocked and still befuddled by sleep.
“Jest checkin' the evidence for our report”, chuckles Seagars. 

 Pushing Parker firmly back down on the bed, Seagars examines his rigid shaft.
“Officer Roy says it was a 10 incher we saw, but I reckoned 8 at the most.
We gotta get the detail exactly right for the Judge hearing your case, you understand.”

“A Judge?” gulps Parker, momentarily forgetting his revulsion at having Seagars rough beard scouring his groin, “I thought you'd let me off with just a warning!”
“Hell no. Not in these parts, buddy” replies Seagars. “You're going to jail!"

“Please, Officer you can't lock me up, I got family, I'll lose my job! I'll do anyth......”
Parker's pleas cut off abruptly as Seagars' mouth finds a sweet spot.
For a few moments the two men are joined in silent, mutual, erotic union.

Then Seagars stands up and begins unbuttoning his shirt,
“If yer wanna get outta here, I'm open to persuasion, buddy” he says, adding,
“You're being sensible. Round these parts it always pays to co-operate with the Police”.

As night begins to fall outside, Parker learns how to co-operate with the police.


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