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(Jan 18th 2018)

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Arrest No 7 - Piss Patrol - part 3

To Parker's surprise and horror, the cops now forcibly strip him of his clothes, 
right down to his underpants. 
Ostensibly it's to search them more thoroughly, but the cops enjoy the intimidating effect it has on young men who are new to the experience of being held in jail.

As the cell gate clangs shut on him, a shocked Parker tries to see the funny side.
The cops go off with his clothes and he's left all alone,
wondering how long he's in for. 

Time passes. 
Parker, lies on the bed and reflects on his foolishness. 
He thinks about all the things he should now be doing outside, 
meeting people, doing errands and chores.
He wonders what the cops are doing with his clothes
 and what other nasty surprises they may have in store
 Eventually, bored and anxious, he drifts off to sleep................zzzzz

zzzzz…...............unaware that one of the cops, Seagars, 
has come back and is watching him.
Seagars can't get that bulge in Parker's jeans out of his mind

…..and it's starting to show

To be continued

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