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(Oct 28th 2018)

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Arrest No 5 - Loitering with Intent, with Peter Lovett

 The notorious cop, Rio Majeska, got up horny this morning.
He's assigned to toilet patrol today.
As he dresses for work, he wonders what excitement this duty will bring.

 Today's victim turns out to be the rather delicious Peter Lovett, who's just returning home from dropping off the kids at school.  He's unbuttoned his jeans in the car to have a little fondle while he drives along and cruises the guys on the sidewalk. When he spots Rio hanging out at the toilets by the park, he is intrigued by the Cop's unusual garb so he stops and strikes up a conversation.

 Close proximity to Rio's uniform is soon making Peter's backside itch for a bit of action. He tries some subtle signals to see if the cop is up for it.

"Are you propositioning me, punk?!!!" snarls Rio. 
Peter realises he's made a mistake. 
 "No officer! You've got it wrong! Please don't arrest me!" he squeals, 
terrified of his secret life being exposed. 

Then he has an idea.

  "Tell you what Officer, why don't we pop back to my place for a coffee
and sort this out in a civilised fashion?"

Back at Peter's house, the cop is pretty uncompromising.
"You think you can change my mind with instant coffee and cheap excuses?
You'd better make that mouth useful, punk.
Show me how sorry you really are. Before I run you in!"

Peter panics,"I'll do anything!" he gushes,
tentatively sampling the proffered dripping tip.

As it turns out, the Cop is not satisfied that easily.  

"Your sucking's as lousy as your coffee", he complains,
"All you've done is get me all worked up, you stinking punk!"

"Turn around! Now!"


I think a piece of that ass might just the place to finish off".

Peter gulps and braces himself, 
"OK, but please don't hurt me, Officer" he grizzles

The cop does what he wants to do and lays back on the bed.
"You've got a hot ass, punk, that wasn't too bad" he says dreamily,
as Peter strokes and fondles him in the afterglow.

"You've given me a lesson I won't forget. It was so painful"
grovels Peter massaging his glowing ass-hole.

The cop just laughs at him.
"I guess I could overlook your behaviour - just this once", he concedes.

 "Gee, that's really good of you Officer. I'm so grateful."

The Cop gives him a hard look, "Sure, you make sure you remember that."

"Phew! What a reaming that was! I'll have a tender ring all week.
But at least it got me off the indecency charge.

Trust a cop to bugger off as soon as he's had what he wanted, though
..... leaving me to finish myself off......

 ...... mmgggh.....mmgggh.....mmggggh.......

..........Cripes, that's the wife, back already
and I haven't changed the bedsheets yet!"


The plots of these stories don't vary much. It's odd that the fantasy of 'sleeping with the enemy' has such an erotic power.
The reality of Police entrapment was much nastier.

Peter Lovett's homely masculinity makes this series a little bit special. 

Storyline by Mitchell for mitchmen.
Photos Courtesy of  Colt Studio Group

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