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(Oct 28th 2018)

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Hunk of The Month - Brad Rowe

Despite the veiny arms and thighs, I'm curiously attracted to body builders like Brad Rowe. This proud, almost arrogant pose is full of character. In the way of Body Builders, he presents his body for inspection and approval by men he doesn't know. The shiny posing slip with it's immodest display of manliness shows a desire to impress and please. It is a beautifully mitchmen-esque situation (putting men in their place). Brad's wary, defiant look makes his display of subservience all the more erotic.  

Inspection over, Brad turns to go. Seen from behind those shiny pants appear deliciously flimsy and intimate. They draw our attention to his weighty buns which is a 'no-go area for 'real men'. As though sensing this unsought interest, he gives us a sullen, resentful look.

Body builders look their best in more relaxed poses which allow the voluptuous curves of the torso to soften. You want to reach out and stroke those chunky mounds. The over-size shorts narrow the hips and create a less bulky, more youthful look. The hand sliding tentatively into the waistband is charmingly naive.

 Here, the military style cap has a similar softening and rejuvenating effect, but on the face this time. It's another butch pose and although it's hard to imagine a bulky torso like this on active service, the image of soldier stripping off, once again suggests a willingness to submit to discipline. 

 A study of broad shoulders and broad beam. Brad's 'piece-de-resistance' (who's resisting?!) certainy does not suffer from being packaged in jeans instead of shiny briefs. The masculine, workday garment seems to accentuate the bulk of his backside. The suggestion that they are about to be peeled off is more erotic than nudity itself. I can't decide if that is a 'come hither' look or a 'Damn you, but I need the money' look.

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