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(Feb 18th 2018)

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Hunk of the Month - Logan Vaughn

Every so often I spot a model who just does it for me and triggers me into frenzied Googling for a while, trying to discover what else I've missed of him. 

Logan Vaughn appeared earlier this year in Bound Gods mini-epic, 'The Cabin'. He's seen as a camper being captured and dreadfully used by Ricky Sinz who does a nice line in 'Mr Nasty's at the moment. Logan's face has a sort of conventionality and innocence that makes him perfect for this sort of abduction scenario. Funnily enough, this exciting plotline didn't seem to get much publicity, but around the same time, Logan's name popped up again as a MenOnEdge feature from the same studio (below).

 In this film, sadly, Logan's face is obscured by a blindfold for much of the time, but you get an eyeful of his muscular body. I like this shot of him spreadeagled and still in his jeans, it seems tailor-made for a photoshop makeover into a cowboy-indian torture scene.

Needless to say, MenOnEdge take a different route and the jeans don't stay on for long, rewarding butt lovers with this pleasant sight.

Logan's latest is a vanilla sex scene for Hothouse with a vaguely sporting theme which plays to his regular guy image. (I suspect he'd look pretty hot in a suit too but I've not uncovered him in that role yet!)
In this shot the sweep of Logan's neck and the line of his abdomen are pure, glorious, male beauty. Jimmy Durano seems quite scruffy in comparison. Putting both models in the same orange underwear is visually exciting but also, like a uniform, suggests they are also subject to discipline and control.

The tables are turned here and although it's overly posed, I've rarely seen cock-sucking so well portrayed. as an act of submission. No other touching allowed! Plus we get to see Logan's thighs and arse looking most un-bubble-like but very inviting!
What a difference a year makes! 
From my Googling it turns out Logan's been around for some time cutting a chunkier, boy next door image - just right here for the rigours of the rugby field, I'd say.

Finally, I love this image of a youthful Logan with Aaron Felix from Circle Jerk Boys. The closed-eyes kiss is so sweet. He's not much showing muscle to speak of, in fact it's a slender, positively boyish physique, but those meaty thighs are already the star of the show.

I will probably return to Logan in the future.

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