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Friday, 27 April 2012

My New Gardener?


Having dealt with my last dishonest gardener, I've decided to hold auditions sorry interviews for his replacement and I just happened to notice this picture in Nick Sterling's CV whilst preparing my last blog on men sharing swimming trunks. Cut-off denim jeans are not a prerequisite for my job but they certainly help! These days it's a rare delicacy to see tatters of cotton tumbling over a man's thighs.

Nick seems to have the right qualifications for the job, those shades will have to go of course, he won't need them in England anyway. I sense a degree of self importance here but I like a confident man working for me and any issues can be sorted out with him in the garden shed if need be. Frankly, I'd put up with a lot of backchat in the presence of those thighs! Nick's open flies suggest a willingness to please but I'll have to instruct him not to approach Mrs Chamberlain, my housekeeper, like that.

 Nick's currently working as yacht crew and he's obviously not afraid of hard work. 
I can just see him hosing down the patio......

Or weeding the herbaceous borders.......

...but if he proved as unsatisfactory as the last one (God forbid!), then I can see his nicely tapered torso binding up very well for his 'discharge' portrait.
Pictures courtesy of Randy Blue

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