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(Feb 18th 2018)

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Men Sharing Clothes - 12 Blue Swimming Trunks

Looking back over this series I'm amazed to find that I've not featured men swapping swimming trunks before. Men in Speedos are well up the sexy league table, the briefest of all sportswear to be seen on TV and often showing pert little projections through gleaming fabric. Men get wet wearing them too which gives them a particularly intimate nature.

The garment featured here on Adam Rexx is a sensible design and at first sight they look like an unlikely beefcake combination.

However, Adam and his trunks reveal their true erotic qualities in this shot. This glamour pose used to be the norm for women in soft porn photography and Adam's long shapely legs reveal just why it held such a fascination for men. The cut of the swimming trunks reveals an astonishing amount of very sexy buttock and if you think this pose conceals a man's primary asset look again at this picture (click to enlarge) and the next! Sometimes less is more!

In this shot Adam's gleaming torso suggests those trunks are getting well used, ready for the next model. As he eases them down it's amazing the difference an inch or two makes. The bright highlight running down the side of his body seems to pass underneath the trunks before continuing along the top of his thigh and this gives a tremendous sexy sense of the naked body under the garment.

The speedos now pass to an altogether different man, Nick Sterling is more fleshy and cuddly. The trunks seem to suit him well but sadly they are quickly discarded for other gear including some distinctly unsexy baggy plaid shorts. Perhaps Nick didn't like sharing with Adam?

I fancy the same pose in those blue trunks would look very sexy too! But I can't complain about this shot, who's next for the used jocks?
Pictures by Randy Blue

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