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(Feb 18th 2018)

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Men Sharing Clothes 11 - Olive Underwear

My search for examples of sexy olive underwear turned up a previously unnoticed example for my 'men sharing...' series where hunks are asked to pose in underwear previously used by other models.
Roddy, who I featured in a previous post is joined here by Brodie and Darwin in identical underpants.
First up is Darwin who has the appearance of a chunky bruiser. 
This adds considerable spice to his submission to bondage.
This legs up 'settee pose' is much favoured at Captured Guys, but it's more exposing than restrictive. Those underpants are being given a really intimate work-out by Darwin's chunky physique. 
Note the colour-toned throw, ladies.

Next into action is Roddy who's looking very uncomfortable. 
Perhaps he's unhappy about sharing Darwin's underwear.
 Roddy in matching pose to Darwin's, flashing his feet and showing his bottom.
 His bedspread may be the dreaded beige but it provides the best backdrop out of these pictures. 
More of Roddy here but check him out at Captured Guys.

 Brodie is not only cute, he has the happy knack of looking as though he might burst into tears at any moment. The underpants here show definite signs of having been worn by someone else with a bigger backside. How do you persuade a model to do that?

Brodie is 'captured' here by BareFootBound in a veritable spiders web of cord which could get quite a lot more uncomfortable with time. As far as I know it is not the same studio as Captured Guys (the source of my other 'men sharing' in this post) but I believe there are connections, making the apparent sharing of underwear resources rather intriguing. More of Brodie here
Thanks to Captured Guys and BareFootBound for all the pix.
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