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(Feb 18th 2018)

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Men in olive jocks

When I was an impressionable teenager, an older man I worked with casually mentioned in conversation that, during his army service, all the men wore army issue jockstraps under their uniforms. Quite why he told me this was a mystery and I didn't delve any deeper (so to speak), but to a lad who imagined every man wore white 'Y-fronts' under his trousers it was a very sexy revelation conjuring up all sorts of erotic barrack room images. So olive jock straps are an essential ingredient of these articles about my olive underwear fetish.

This soldier undressing demonstrates the effect of the color against darker skin. The bum hugging straps and sagging trousers draw attention to his dark cleft.

It would be nice to image a barracks full of muscular men dressed like this none of these is a genuine military image. The sweat stained waistband is a pleasant distraction but the tightly stuffed pouch suggests a whole new dimension to army discipline.

Jocks seem to suit big men best, the heavy duty coiled rope seems entirely appropriate for this beast. The military connection is less evident here but the colour still works.

A man undressing is so sexy.

Pictures 1&4 courtesy of JockstrapCentral

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