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(Feb 18th 2018)

Monday, 26 March 2012

Flying Suit Predators

These pictures are presented in a fairly random way at the 'Mr S' site so I thought it might be fun to assemble them as a story.

Jim and Steve, the Flying Suit boys are enjoying a drink (and the feel of their new suits) in the local hard boys' bar. They spot a fresh-faced, young guy who looks as though he's strayed in by accident. His zip top and silky shorts are not the usual way to get attention in this bar, but the military haircut grabs their interest and they invite him over to join them.

He's already noticed that the bar clientèle is a little 'unusual' and decides the military-looking lads might be his best option for staying out of trouble. Before long they are up close and comparing notes on uniforms and physical fitness. The boys can hardly believe their luck as he edges in closer and closer between Jim's legs, even allowing them to feel his muscles. Sensing a chemistry, Steve impulsively tweaks his nipple, but there's an angry reaction.


To calm the situation down, Jim invites the soldier to get his revenge by doing some tweaking of his own. He shows him the natty zips on Steve's flying suit (which he's only just bought for him). Soldier boy soon gets the hang of it.


Busy tweaking, he doesn't notice a secret handshake pass between the Flying Suit boys, it's the signal to get out the handcuffs.


But Jim's not ready to strike yet, it's Steve whose hands are cuffed behind his back, much to his surprise. He can't defend himself from a double assault on his pecs. Both boys give him a hard time and soldier boy seems to be really enjoying the groans of pain he's managing to cause. At least, until he spots their dicks hanging out - and the cock strap. Shocked, he turns away to hide his embarrassment, muttering about buying a drink.


Jim uncuffs Steve who's pretty pissed off about his sore nipples. They watch their toy soldier as he leans over the bar to summon the bartender. The thin, silky boxing shorts drape enticingly over beautifully rounded buttocks inflaming their interest even more. Jim moves in for the kill, grabbing him round the neck.

The soldier's shorts are plucked down, exposing smooth, plump buttocks underneath. Truncheons are fetched out to quell resistance. When he's turned round, however, it's clear the soldier's totally turned on. But he's not going to submit and calling on his combat training he grabs the truncheon and tells them that, if they want a piece, they can start by buying the drinks.


Jim tells Steve to get them in. It's actually not his turn, but a thwack from the soldier persuades him. While Steve is standing sulking at the bar, the other two men can't help noticing how his tight little buttocks show through the flying suit. Soldier boy notices there's a rear zip too. Jim sees how excited he is and offers to show him how it works.


Steve is unceremoniously pushed face-down on the bar counter as the others unzip him and pull aside the curtains.


Steve's buns pop out (beautifully framed by the olive green flying suit) and soldier boy gets even harder as he spots a nice, hairy crevice. Jim invites him to take a closer look


Soldier boy doesn't take much persuading. He hesitates then strips off his T-shirt, drops to his knees and gets stuck in between the inviting cheeks. Steve's getting fed up with being taken for granted in this way but Jim silences his complaints in the time honoured way.


Thirty minutes later,the capacious pockets of the flying suits prove to be capable of holding an further assortment of useful bar accessories. Jim gives his new military friend an introduction to fetish practices. Steve knows he has been sidelined by the soldier, but cuffed and masked, all he can do is try to retain his dignity. He squirms and grunts as the pain mounts.

That bastard won't leave his nipples alone.

Thanks to Mr S for the pictures.

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