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(Feb 18th 2018)

Monday, 6 February 2012

Noah at 'Bound Guys'

When it comes to visual appeal, I've always preferred the muscular physique - as witness my last posting! But I've also found that being able to slide your arms around a slender waist is a pretty good feeling too. In this group of pictures from the archives at Bound Guys, Noah shows that skinny boys also can look sexy in jeans.

Faded jeans and belts with big buckles have always been a winning combination for me, it's the cowboy connection, I think. Noah is a most unlikely cowboy, but clever photography and a natty harness of white cord has endowed him with an arresting pair of thighs that would look good astride any bronco.

Noah's classic style jeans are working well here too, showing off lots of beautiful curves from the slender waist downwards. The photography at Bound Guys doesn't have the glossy, polish of professional studios but they know how to use rope to make a body look sexy. The harness cord diving between Noah's cute little buns is a real turn on.

The way the ropes and clothing complement the shape of the body in this picture is very clever. Two cords running round Noah's neck converge and lead the eye downwards towards his waist where they line up with the 'buns divider' pulling the jeans up tight into his crotch, which is unambiguously erotic. The restraining cords curving around his midsection nicely accentuate his slender trunk and from here, on either side of the centre line, Noah's hips curve outwards, down around his buttocks to turn in and meet at the erotic cleft of his buttocks. It creates a pear-shaped, almost feminine, lower body effect which is unexpectedly sexy. The curve of the belt and the jeans 'cupping' his buns add to the sense of voluptuous bulk, if that's the right word. It's hard to describe without sounding pretentious but the erotic effect is compulsive. The highly submissive pose doesn't do any harm either!

By the way, the noose-like construction of the loop around his neck is non functional, but adds a little sinister flavour.

In the final picture, the effect is quite different, the mop of hair serving to accentuate the diminutive scale of Noah's slender body and pert little buttocks. Small but perfectly formed as they say.

Bound Guys covers virtually every type of model you can think of, young, old, big, small, dark, ginger....etc etc. Have a look. There's a selection in my previous postings (search for Bound Guys)


Anonymous said...

Groannnnn! Give me the beefy burly hairy type in bonds!

Mitchell said...

Me too! But variety is the spice of life!

Anonymous said...

Variety is certainly the spice of life! SIGH....but still....

Anonymous said...

Vince Ferelli is the beefiest, hottest, sexiest handsome muscle stud to be tied up and tortured! ;-)