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(Feb 18th 2018)

Monday, 20 February 2012

Depictions of Short Men - 2

Another example of short legged men from the great artist Etienne.

Etienne - Cadets

In this example from Etienne's 'Cadets' series, the naked cadet awaiting the pinning of his medal has limbs that look in proportion but are strangely chunky. The clumpy boots contribute to this effect but his legs are actually shorter than average (see below). Etienne was noted for his diminutive stature so I'm citing this in support of my self-imaging theory (see last post). It doesn't matter a toss of course, I love the concept of this picture showing the military bullying of an exceptionally handsome young man.

This man in this photo gives a comparison of human proportions. He actually looks slightly short too, but his legs are noticeably longer than Etienne's Cadet if you measure them. The yardstick I use is (groin to knee) and (knee to ankle) roughly the same as (groin to lower junction of the pecs). However in the picture below I have lengthened his legs by 10% and this produces the elegant taller man's build.

All of these variations in proportions are equally realistic and normal, it becomes a matter of personal taste which you prefer.

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